Sunday, April 14, 2013

Walter Griffith for Controller

From the inbox:

Walter L. Griffith, Jr. announces candidacy for a second term as Luzerne County Controller.

Dear County-Wide Neighbors and Friends:

I hereby announce that I shall be seeking a second term as your Luzerne County Controller.

When I announced in 2009 that I was going to be a candidate for the office of county controller, I made a promise to all taxpayers that I would represent their best interests as an independent monitor of the county’s fiscal activities.  I also promised, when need be, to challenge government officials’ funding proposals, to share questionable activities publically and to complete audits in a timely manner in order to maintain the integrity of the county’s revenue and disbursement processes.

You, the citizens of Luzerne County, spoke “loud and clear” in 2009 that you wanted an independent and candid overseer as Luzerne County Controller and elected me to work for you for the next four years.

The results of your confidence have been noteworthy!  In regard to monetary matters in general, accountability has been markedly improved.  Specifically, overpayment of contracts have been curtailed, a policy for the fueling of the county fleet of vehicles has been instituted, and employees being paid double for services provided has ceased.

As I undertake this election initiative and thereby seek your ongoing trust and support to continue as Luzerne County Controller, please be responsive to requests for your signatures in support of my May 2013 candidacy, and to the extent you are able, please contribute to my campaign fund (details to be announced) in order for me to address all the requirements and expectations of the election process for me to remain in your service.

I am so very proud to have been given the opportunity to represent you, the residents of Luzerne County, during this four year term and look forward to your expressed confidence in me this May to remain your Luzerne County Controller.

Respectfully and appreciatively,


From Walter's website:

The ability of Walter L Griffith Jr to be an effective County Controller was the thought process when Commissioner Steven A Urban endorsed Walter L Griffith Jr for County Controller in 2009. Steven A Urban was the Luzerne County Commissioner and stated ” Walter Griffith would be an effective County Watchdog”

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