Monday, August 26, 2013

Rob McCord for Governor

It looks like I have a bit of a scoop and didn't realize it. State Treasurer Rob McCord is running for Governor although he hasn't made an official announcement yet. McCord was at Yuddy's picnic yesterday and looked and sounded like a Guv candidate. KP picked up on a subtle change to his website today.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, so blogfest is coming up and you decide to post something again. Yawn

Gort said...

Thanks for taking time out of the Yawn to leave comment

Anonymous said...

And it's news.

zorcong said...


Ignore those firing away from the relative comfort and safety of anonymity, as they don't count.

Oh, and the Philthydumpia Eagles still suck.

Markie in Parsons

Joe V said...

Gort - I wrote there were some rumblings at the Solano golf tourny that Yudichak would be supporting McCord and return McCord would be supporting Yudichak for State office.