Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Eddie Day in 2014

Eddie Day

State Representative Eddie Day Pashinski (D) wants to go back to Harrisburg for another term and over 100 of his friends gathered at Genetti's in Wilkes-Barre to support him on Sunday for brunch.

Tom Wolf
Exeter Mayor Cassandra Coleman-Corcoran organized the event and PA Governor hopeful Tom Wolf greeted people at the door.

W-B council member Maureen Lavelle showed her support and West Wyoming's Eileen Cipriani represented Phyllis Mundy who is plunging in the rankings. Only two  2013 candidates were in the crowd.  County Council Democratic  nominee Eileen Sorokas and Republican Controller replacement candidate Carolee Medico- Olenginski.

Carmen Ambrosino and Mrs. A
A real treat for me was I had breakfast with my committeeman and Young Dem Prez Thom Shubilla and local legend Carmen Ambrosino who has spent his career helping people with abuse
problems. Luzerne County Democratic chair Bob Boyer was late to the party.

Eddie Day gave what can only be described as a populist speech. He ripped into Governor Tom Corbett for his attempts to privatize all sorts of government function including education, liquor stores and the lottery. He described the voter ID law as cheating as it would disenfranchise 700,000 people.He reminded the audience that all elections are big elections as the school director and city councilor affect you life as much as a President. He reminded us that the common man can stand up to the billionaires just by casting a vote.

Eddie Day and family
So far I haven't heard of anyone planning to run against him. I hope a Republican candidate emerges soon. We should always have a choice in an election.

More photos at this link.

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Eddie you need to worry about being a Representative of the people than being a "Rock Star" !