Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Vindictive Little Prick

Like most political junkies I'm enjoying the latest Donald Trump reality show that has somehow morphed into the Republican Presidential primary. You all know about his comments about Mexicans and John McCain that everybody this side of Rush thought was beyond the pale.

Today he shot back at Lindsey Graham for calling him a "Jackass" by giving out Graham's cell phone number. How Petty. Somehow this reminded me of something that my inspiration and mentor the Blogfather  once said about Mayor McGroarty. "He's a Vindictive Little Prick."

Graham's response was great.

Probably getting a new phone. iPhone or Android?



Anonymous said...

Love the character that is Donald Trump. Maybe that's what we need, a leader/president who doesn't mind telling someone to fuck off.

zorcong said...

Ah, the VLP.

RAIN MAN said...

Welcome back Gort. You've got to love the Donald. He appears to be the major catalyst for Berkely Breathed bringing back Bloom County. Too Bad it's only on Facebook.