Thursday, October 01, 2015

Everybody should have a gun, it makes us all safer




So many politicians try to make us afraid of some Muslim terrorist trying to kill us but the chance of that happening is very remote. A guy tries to set his sneakers on fire on a plane so we all have to take our shoes off for the next few years. 

Today there was yet another mass murder in Oregon but nothing will be done about it because of a broad reading of the 2nd Amendment by the courts and the gun(NRA) nuts have a veto on almost all gun safety laws. 

   2nd Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

  What about the "well regulated militia" part.  The Supreme Court has ignored it and we have been arguing about it since 1791. The Militia  is important, so if you want to own a gun you should be ready to muster and fall in line to protect the country from invasion, rebellion or Indian attack.


4 Pro-Gun Arguments We're Sick of Hearing


D.B. Echo said...

I remember after the two assholes in that picture did their thing, schools quickly took decisive action to stop this from ever happening again - by banning trenchcoats. (Not pictured: trenchcoats.)

Unknown said...

Remember that the PA constitution states, "The right of the citizens to bear arms in defense of themselves and the State shall not be questioned." In fact most states have such clauses. So even if SCOTUS sends the issue back to states, we will still need a majority in both houses of PA's legislative branch to bring about sensible gun laws.

Joe said...

It is sad that you all think the gun is the problem and not the person or what has been done to the person. I am waiting to see it this shooter had been on some type of pyschotropic medication like many of the others had been.
Instead of blaming the tool, let's start looking at the potential underlying causes.
Not knowing the history of this shooter, but looking at many of the others, we can find a common influencing factor, they were put on some type of drug, or took some kind of drug, when they were younger. These drugs alter blood and biochemistry altering neuro-physiology.
Many of these drugs were not intended for children. We have known since there inception that anti-depressants are not safe for teens, but that hasn't stopped the medical community for placing children on them, and worse many schools insisting they be given to children.

We have made personality traits diseases to be treated with drugs, and we now have these young people confused, because instead of a trait simply being part of their personality, they are labeled as being "mentally ill," and are drugged up.

Today's psychiatrist would have a field day with Charles Shultz's characters.

Why do you think there is such outrage and anger in these people?
For simply being different, they are told they are mentally ill. They are drugged up from a young age, while at the same time being told that drugs aren't healthy.
The eat shit diets, they are confined to classrooms and they get little to no exercise to burn off aggression and energy, and they are put under crazy stress at early ages because schools no longer educate, they teach to a standardized test.

I know it is much easier to blame the gun than to blame the drug addled, lack of responsibility and respect society we have become.

It is much easier to knee jerk and say it is the gun, not the person. It is much easier to blame mental illness than it is to look at the failed treatments for misdiagnosed mental illness.

We have teachers asking children to be drugged up so they can be controlled, because we no longer look to fostering individuality. We are forcing them to conform to a standard that may not be for them, and if they don't conform, we drug them up. We tell them they are damaged, they are broken, they are ill... and again, the schools and the doctors medicate them.

They become confused, they wonder what is wrong with them, then they become angry, and sadly, some act out on that anger... but let's blame the guns.

We have to stop turning personality traits into illnesses that are only treated with drugs.
We need to take the time to understand that while discipline is important, so is self-responsibility, as is fostering the uniqueness of the child and the teen and the young adult. We have to re-learn how to balance this all out.

We have to stop giving pharmacological agents that alter their biochemistry that influences their nuero-physiology, simply because they are different.

I know, I'm sorry, I know, shut up Joe, it is the guns' fault.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Joe may have been correct.

Anonymous said...

Kind of funny, this joe guy makes a reasoned point, and not one single comment after it.