Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Dan Meuser for Congress

Dan Meuser with Lisa Baker at the Fall 2010 Blogfest
Here we go go again. Former PA Revenue Secretary and failed 2008 PA 10th CD Republican primary candidate Dan Meuser is running to succeed Lou Barletta. He was flirting with a run for PA Lt. Governor but a better opportunity arose. His announcement has already knocked Tarah Toohil out of the race.  He is tying himself to Barletta and Trump.

To refresh you memory Dan Meuser and Chris Hackett had a knock down, drag out primary fight to oppose Chris Carney. They both spent over $1 million and Hackett won only to lose the general election. There was a lot of bad blood after that election and many Meuser supporters told me they couldn't support Hackett.

His campaign slogan seemed to be Pride Mobility for Congress. So every problem the company had in the past became  fair game for his opponent

Some of the controversies:

EXETER: A woman formerly employed at Pride Mobility Products Corp. has filed a wage discrimination lawsuit against the company, alleging she was paid less than male counterparts who performed the same job. She also is alleging sexual harassment and retaliation for complaining about it.

 TPM Cafe: Meuser's company has settled a contentious lawsuit over the death of an elderly man using their wheelchair, in which plaintiffs alleged that a defective battery caused a fire. From the Monterey County Herald, January 9, 2007: "Had the case gone to trial, according to court records and statements in court, jurors may have heard evidence that Pride Mobility was aware of at least 18 other fires in its wheelchairs and scooters with identical battery packs since 2002. Ten of those fires destroyed dwellings and five were fatal." (From Nexis).

 The Medicare OIG fined Pride $80,000 for a kickback scheme.

And his past political contributions: 

 On behalf of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, I wanted to thank you for your kind, past contributions to strong Democrats such as Congressman Paul Kanjorski, Senator Hillary Clinton, Congressman Charlie Rangel and many others. Your contributions have helped Democrats to take back the House and Senate in 2006 and potentially take the White House in 2008.

I have a big basket of this stuff if any other campaign is interested.

 Many thanks to Tiffany Cloud for sending this:

Dan Meuser To Run For 11th Congressional District Seat

Businessman and Former Revenue Secretary To Continue Barletta’s Work

Luzerne County Businessman and former Secretary of the Department of Revenue Dan Meuser announced today that he was entering the race to represent the 11th District in the United States Congress. Congressman Lou Barletta announced days ago that he would run for the United States Senate.

“I have always supported Lou Barletta and I plan to continue to support him in his run for the United States Senate,” Dan Meuser said. “Both Lou and I will fight for an agenda that puts America’s interests first and rebuilds the middle class so the economy works for everyone.”

Dan has lived in the area that makes up the 11th District for over 25 years, he and his wife of 27 years raising their family in the district. Dan joined Pride Healthcare, based in Luzerne County and now called Pride Mobility Products, in 1988. Dan became President of Pride Mobility, USA in 2001. Pride has become the leading manufacturer of power mobility and complex rehabdevices in the country, and employs over 800 people in Northeast Pennsylvania.

"I've spent 25 years in the private sector helping create thousands of jobs. During this time my wife and I supported many important causes including the YMCA, local colleges, the Back Mountain Recreation Association and the Wyoming County Children's Association,” Meuser said.

In 2010, Dan was appointed and unanimously confirmed Secretary of the Dept. of Revenue. Dan and his team worked to reform the department, implement customer-first policies, and treat taxpayers like customers. Under Dan’s leadership, the Department was named the most improved Department of Revenue in the country and received a grade improvement from a D+ to an A- from the Council on State Taxation.

“We worked day in and day out to make sure that everyone knew that it was taxpayers who came first at the Department of Revenue,” Meuser said. “Our team reformed the department and turned it into a taxpayer advocacy agency, rather than a mere collector of taxes.”

Dan Meuser is running first and foremost because he loves his country and wants to continue to serve his community. Dan will be a consistent conservative voice in Washington, making sure that he takes the values of the 11th District to Washington every day. Dan will be an advocate for an economy that works for everyone, a healthcare system that provides access and affordability without the heavy handed federal mandates of Obamacare, and a strong military ready to defeat ISIS and any other threat to our nation, and to secure our borders.

“I’m a constitutional conservative who will always put the needs of America first,” Meuser said. “I want to restore our broken political system by always working on behalf of the people of the 11th District.”

Dan also believes that the next Congressman must be accessible to the people he serves.

“I will be very engaged and constituent focused, making sure that I am accessible and transparent,” Meuser said. “That means being involved in resolving issues, large and small, throughout the district.”

Dan will be traveling the 11th District visiting each county over the next 2 weeks.


Anonymous said...

As a republican, constitutional conservative, who realizes Trump is neither, I say fuck you Meuser. You will never get my vote.

Anonymous said...

although you don't have any relevance anymore, id still like to set the record straight. Pride is a world leading, best in class company and even trolls like you should show a little respect. One thing is for sure, if you or a loved one ever needs a power wheelchair you certainly will.

1. 1 bogus sexual harassment claim out of tens of thousand employees over the years. What planet are you from that you don't know all companies face false accusations like that eventually? Welcome to modern America alien being.
2. 18 fires- the only thing that is true here is that a Pride product was at the scene of each of these fires. There was no proof that the pride product was the cause because they weren't. How could Pride be a thriving business 10 years later if they were causing fatal fires all the time?
3, Kickback fine- 17 years ago Pride got medicare approval to run a marketing program and then the OIG branch said we don't care if we approved it, we don't like it. Totally unfair but it made sense to settle.

Dan will be the most service oriented, constituent responsive, congressman you have ever seen. Don't be a hater, get on the team.

Go Dan GO!

Gort said...

I don't hate Dan or anyone else. I'm just pointing out the mistakes he made in his last campaign. But if we go down this road I have a lot more. I like the title of Mr. Irrelevant, like the last guy taken in the NFL draft. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

I am one of many victims of the dishonorable business practices from the Meusers and Pride Mobility. Right after putting in 10 years of service, I was laid off. Though my position was "eliminated," lo and behold, 7 months after that, my position came back from the dead in altered form. No longer was a college degree and experience with certain programs required, they were only "preferred." The "requirements" were a high school diploma and knowledge of MS Office. Dummy down the position, start it at a much cheaper wage. Hire a scab. So for me and hundreds of others of others, we were good enough to help the company get to the top, but the first to get tossed out when Obamacare got passed so management would not have to suffer...just non-management peons. It has taken me nearly a decade to start recovering from the fiscal and physical losses that their Pearl Harbor job inflicted on me. Glassdoor Pride Mobility - the truth is out there.