Friday, October 13, 2017

Liz Martin for Dallas Township Supervisor

Liz Martin (D) is running for reelection as Dallas Township Supervisor and met with her supporters tonight to give her pitch.

Since her election in 2011 she lists many accomplishments the most important being putting the town on a sound fiscal footing without raising taxes in the last 3 years. She said the finances were a mess when first elected with the Supervisors juggling accounts just meet payroll. Today Dallas Twp. has a $3 million budget with a $3 million reserve fund. Martin heaped praise on her fellow Supervisor Bill Grant (R) for his cooperation and foresight. Looking to the future her top priorities are relocating the Municipal Building from a garage to a better facility and improving the parks.

It was a bit of a shock when Martin defeated Glenn Howell by 44 votes in 2011.
I don't think a Democrat had won an election out there since Ike was President. Landslide Liz.

Her opponent is Dallas township road department employee Robert Wagner (R). His father happens to be Dallas Twp. Supervisor Frank Wagner (R). I wonder how he got that job? All sorts of conflict of interests questions come to mind. One person at the meeting tonight said people will be voting for Wagner the younger thinking it's Frankie. I know about that kind of name confusion.

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Liz Martin, Dallas Township Supervisor

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