Wednesday, November 08, 2017

2017 Election results-Luzerne County Controller

The top  race in Luzerne County was for the Controller position between incumbent  Michelle Bednar (D) and former Controller Walter Griffith (R). I was surprised that no other Republican ran in the primary considering Walter's baggage about the wiretap thing and his aggressive style.

In an interview with the Citizens Voice he promised to be a kinder, gentler Walter. Yeah right, the Walter I know is at his at his best when he is being a pain in the ass. I mean that in a good way. The message from his campaign was that he would be a watchdog, not a lapdog. So much for the kinder thing.

Michelle ran the campaign on her accomplishments without running to the press every time she found a problem but worked for a solution.  She refused to criticize her opponent when given the chance. From the CVBednar declined to offer an opinion on Griffith, who resigned as controller in 2013 as part of a plea agreement in a wiretapping case.
“I would leave that to the voters,” she said. “That’s their choice.”

The Result:

Bednar       24,458  54%
Griffith       20,609  46% 


Anonymous said...

Bednar is a class act, does her job well and efficiently. She represents herself and the county well.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who didn't know taping telephone conversations is illegal shouldn't be in public office.

Anonymous said...

Come on Walter is almost a class act.. he is an ass hat. Perhaps now the miserable curmudgeon will just go the fuck away.