Thursday, May 18, 2006

120th District results

Cordora , John GOP 2,319 47.40 %

Chacke , Joe GOP 1,484 30.34 %

Stebbins , Paul GOP 1,089 22.26 %

TL: “Phyllis Mundy will face the strongest challenge of her career,” Cordora said Tuesday night.
Mundy was unopposed for her party’s nomination.
Cordora entered the fray in July, buoyed by widespread public outrage about legislative pay raises. Mundy was among the lawmakers who voted to increase their own salaries between 16 and 34 percent. The raises were later repealed.
But, Cordora says their differences go much deeper.
“I’m pro-life, and anti-gay marriage. I’m a real Ronald Reagan Republican,” he said. “Phyllis Mundy is a self-serving liberal who has become out of touch with the mainstream of her constituents.”
Cordora said he’s confident the other Republican candidates will back him.

Phyllis responds: Known for her battles with Blue Cross of Northeastern Pennsylvania, Mundy plans to fight to keep the seat.“I have always found that a campaign is a good time to reflect on what I have accomplished and what I want to accomplish in the next term. A campaign every other year also keeps me close to the people I represent,” Mundy said. “My little army of volunteers and I are looking forward to a vigorous campaign. I have worked very hard and accomplished a great deal both here at home and in Harrisburg. The campaign will give us an opportunity to highlight those achievements. We know how to win. We have done this many times before. ““And I am looking forward to an in-depth discussion of the issues and challenges facing my constituents, the district and the region,” Mundy said.

This Cordora guy is something. Abortion, gay marriage, the ghost of St. Ronnie and yell liberal at your opponent. It sounds like he listens to too much talk radio. As far as having the backing of his opponents, he should read Joe Chacke's website.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone figure this one out? He had no signs, his "letter" was weak and poorly written, he made no public appearances and he continually said he was campaigning to ban gay marriage. Honestly, I wonder if Mundy had anything to do with this? Picking her weakest opponent and sending her "army" out to vote. This guy didn't even work the polls either!

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

i guess peopel voted fopr him just cause he was from Kingston adn Joe and Paul split the normal vote

mean old man said...

if we had more candidates for public office with the character of Mr. Cardora, this world would be a better place! Thelma Jean and I would be happy to have him over for one of her famous venicen dinners! The Hell with all you facist hippy liberals and the Hell with that feminazi Phyllis Mundy!!!!!!

Austin said...

Well his name is Cordora, MOM. As for his letter I ran into him as he was going door to door and I was doing the same. He was just droping his letter at every house and trying to leave it in the door. Which was funny because the mail man came right behind him and had to open most of those doors to leave mail and the literature looked like it was just thrown on the ground. Also he left it on houses with like 3 Dems who all voted in last years primary.

I love how his letter said he was running to make gay marriage illegal which it is and make a law to prevent same term pay raises which is also already restricted in our constitution.

When he past me I was on the phone but he read my button and asked if I was Chuck Pennacchio and I thought "yeah I'm running for US Senate thats what I'm doing in the middle of Forty Fort."

Wasn't this the guy who didn't even show up to the debate?

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Austin your right atleast peopl on the right and left agree this guy is an idiot

Anonymous said...

I felt bad for the younger candidates and I think Fitz called it months ago that they would split the normal vote. Its a shame, both of the younger guys talked about something other than gay marriage. I think being young and not getting their name out more killed them, I saw the TL had the results ward by ward and each of these guys carried their town overwhelmingly

Gort said...

You do wonder about this result. The Republicans nominated the weakest candidate.

mean old man said...

I find it aggravating my lumbago that the Commie up above had to retort my comments by correcting my spelling of Mr. Cordora's name. In my day young punks had respect for their elders, they would step aside when an old man walked by or they knew that he would take his cane to their head!!! These so called compassionate liberals are nothing but a bunch of self centered commie political hacks as witnessed by the arrogant way the above commentator disrespects the elderly that helped build this country!!! GOD NO WONDER I HATE YOU ALL!!!!!

pope george ringo said...


Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Your holiness you must alos conced that the the wajko lefts own words kill themn also

pope george ringo said...

Dispensation granted my Son.

William A. Levinson said...

I'm a registered Republican and I wouldn't vote for Cordora. Phyllis Mundy has done some amazing things to fix Pennsylvania's health care system while Paul Stebbins' Web site advocated the doctors' lobby's snake oil (damage caps in cases in which malpractice has been proven). I have no idea of what Cordora plans to do and I suspect that he doesn't either. My party can't expect me to support an empty suit just because it has an elephant pin on its lapel.

Oh yes, if the PA Medical Society or Fighting Docs ever wants to debate me on damage caps, I've got three words for them: BRING IT ON.