Monday, May 15, 2006

For what it's worth

I don't think endorsements count for much. In the contested elections tomorrow I have my picks. So here it goes and you can argue with me.

US Senate: I will vote for Chuck Pennachio, Casey wins

Lt. Gov.:Valerie McDonalds Roberts, CBK wins

10th Congressional District: Kathy Scott, Sherwood wins. But it will be closer than you think.

20th Senate: Carl Sutton, Lisa Wins

121st State Rep: Eddie Day Pashinski, O'Donnell wins

120th: Paul Stebbins, too close to call

118th: R-Jim Spinola, who knows
D-Red O, Mike Carroll wins

117th: Roll the dice


Doctor Rick said...

Paul appreciates it.

Anonymous said...

O'Donnell is NOT the favorite in this race. Seriously. It will be very very very close - and I think Eddie pulls it off.

Anonymous said...

20th - Haggerty
117 - Carroll
118 - O'Brien
120 - Chacke
121- Pashinski

pope george ringo said...

Red O'Brien may surprise everyone; he has been conducting a door to door campaign and I've received more telephone calls from him than I did Gore in 2000. One thing that His Holiness would like to point out regarding the 118th race--I have not noticed any kind of negative campaigning on either side (I could be wrong, but I am judging solely by the commercials I watched on TV and read in the paper)--a far cry from the Haggerty Baker Bigus race. Whoever wins that seat in the 118th can be hold his head up high and whoever the losers are they too can be proud of a campaign well conducted.