Sunday, May 14, 2006

Who will take on Phyllis?

The TL highlighted the 120th District race on Saturday. The candidates are:

Joe Chacke

John C. Cordora

Paul J.M. Stebbins

Who will/would you vote for? The order of finish and the point spread.


Anonymous said...

If we want to beat Phyllis we need Chacke. She'll eat the other two guys alive. I'm voting Chacke.

Chacke 60
Stebbins 18
Cordora 12

S. Fiske
West Pittston

Anonymous said...

Uh, where'd the othet 10% go? Anyway, I'm voting for Joe Chacke as well. The only guy with experience and after reading the Leader's article, the only guy willing to take on the issues important to our district.

Chacke 63
Cordora 22
Stebbins 15

Livin' Large in Wyoming!

Anonymous said...

Haggerty & Chacke! Can you imagine the representation our area would get with these two guys working together! West Side till I die! We will finally get some attention!

Chacke 70
Cordora 16
Stebbins 14

Anonymous said...

you get all the attention on the west side, stick to pickin ponies

Ausitn said...

I ran into Cordora in Forty Fort while I was canvassing for Chuck. He was dropping off a letter that was poorly written and made no mention of his primary opponents.

Also he was leaving it on every door which is really a waiste of his time and money if his goal is to win.

Anonymous said...

I got a postcard from Chacke in the mail Friday. Very professional and very impressive. First time I think I have seen money behind a Republican candidate in this District in a long time. We must have something with this fellow. He's got my vote.

Doctor Rick said...

Chacke is a loser. What makes him such a standout? How are these predictions comin up with like 80%? That percent doesn't even know he exists.

Anonymous said...

The postcard was poor quality and everyone knows you throw them away anyway. Postcards are for people too lazy to go out and meet the people firsthand. The TL article said no candidate has spent over 1000.00, Republican money, you clowns, Mundy is going to crush all these pretenders

Anonymous said...

There is not ONE Republican that can take on Mundy. Trust me. We've done a LOT of polling and research. Haggerty couldn't beat her with $200k.

Anonymous said...

Could the Times Leader ever be wrong? Nah. Phyllis Mundy is great? What has she done besides be a Democrat? That's what's wrong with this area and why we have such a hard time turning it around. People, look past the labels. She's had 16 years, it hasn't worked out. Let's try something new. That said, if I were a Republican I am leaning towards Chacke. I'm just guessing but here's my prediction.
Chacke 55%
Stebbins 28%
Cordora 17%

Doctor Rick said...

Joe Chacke reads Gort. See my blog

Anonymous said...

haggerty would vote for and support Phyllis - not only is there a long personal relationship but unfortunately an ideological one as well

Anonymous said...

That's funny

Anonymous said...

Doctor Rick is becoming bitter. As the campaign draws to a close his chance of pulling the strings on his marionette dummy are about to end. Sorry doc, Paul's not going to win. He should've done something first. Come back in 4-6 years.

DSJ said...

Stebbins 55%
Chacke 30%
Cordora 15%

Forty Fort, Pa.

nostradumbass said...

An honest appraisal

PJ 45%
Chacke 39%
Cordora 16%

Anonymous said...

I've seen both Stebbins and Chacke at my home. I've received a note from Cordora. After meeting them and reading about their campaigns. I've made the decision to vote for Chacke. I'm a paid firefighter in Kingston so I won't give my name. And these predictions are just my guesses.

Chacke 48%
Stebbins 32%
Cordora 20%

Anonymous said...

well we all know how this turned out

Anonymous said...

I said it all along, Cordora rocks and the other two lost. I don't know whats worse. Losing to Cordora by 1000 and 1300 votes or beating a political newcomer by only 300 votes lol. Mundy here we come!!!!

Anonymous said...

S. Fiske I saw the district tallies on, it looks like you were one of 29 to vote for Chacke haha