Saturday, June 24, 2006

Carl Romanelli

Wilkes-Barre native Carl Romanelli was nominated by the Green Party of Pennsylvania to run for US Senator in April. He finally got a website up and running. From his bio:

Carl Romanelli is a Green Party fireball that hails from Northeastern Pennsylvania. A retired family court officer; currently working as a consultant in the rail industry, Carl has been a lifelong public and community servant, with a reputation for speaking truth to power and defending those most oppressed in life. He brings this energy to the Pennsylvania general election in 2006 with the hope of offering a viable, competent alternative to the old, corporate parties. Carl is committed to an agenda, which includes ending the occupation in Iraq, providing universal, single-payer health care for all Americans, defense of women's reproductive rights, ending of the drug war along with establishing a more enlightened foreign policy, in compliance with international law. Stand with Carl as he takes a REAL people's agenda to the debate in this year's election. Together we can make history and challenge those who refuse to articulate the important issues of our time.

He has to get over 67,000 signatures to make the ballot which is a ridiculous hurdle for any candidate. They claim to have over 36,000 so far but will probably need 100,000 to survive any challenges which are sure to some. He is also making some news:

Romanelli campaign invites Casey campaign to join debate talks. Green calls for Casey pledge in favor of ballot access and honest debate.
Green Party US Senate candidate, Carl Romanelli, today issued a statement inviting Bob Casey, or his campaign, to join the Romanelli and Santorum officials in meaningful debate discussions.


pissed off patricia said...

Sounds like this could get interesting.

LOL, after little ricky found the wmd last week, he sounds like a total idiot now. (Of course every time he opens his mouth, he sounds like one anyway)

Gort said...

Welcome back PoP.I'm sure had some fun in the sun. As I said before Ricky is enetertaining.

Austin said...

I met Carl and listened to some of his ideas and my first impression wasn't great so I went to check out his website and as you mentioned it didn't exist until recently despite the fact he was pretty much assured the nomination since well before I met him.

I just don't understand any candidate not having such a cheap and effective tool like a website. The Green party could be a lot more effective if it kept even the party website updated and the press briefed on what if anything it is doing.

I'm glad that these people are discussing topics like universal health care and an Iraq withdrawl but I wish they would do it within the Democratic Party where it belongs.

Gort said...

My question for the Greens and the other minor parties is why run for Senate when you may not even make the ballot? I wish he was running for Kevin Blaum's seat. He's been active locally for years and has some name ID with voters in the district.