Friday, June 16, 2006

Very personal post

I grew up the north end of Wilkes-Barre. In the 1960's people spoke language's I didn't understand. There were stores I had had a hard time buying things because I didn't know Russian or Slovak. I miss that. Yes Grandma didn't speak English but her kids did. And their kids were fluent in the English language but couldn't speak the the native tongue. What a loss. My father encouraged me to learn a different language and after 4 years of taking French I went to France. I wish I had paid attention because I had no idea what they were talking about.

My point is that the immigrants of today will assimilate just like our grandparents did. Even if the first generation doesn't grasp the language the next will.


Carl said...

Pretty much the same thing in my family, Gort. My dad's been here 60 some odd years now and still can barely speak the language, and for the first ten of being here, didn't bother. He worked with my great-uncle who was fluent.

I have many bilingual friends, second and even first generation Americans who learned English because that was what you did in your home country.

This "crisis" is so manufactured, it's not even funny.

Gort said...

They found a wedge. The gay thing didn't work because most families have someone who is gay. So pick on the Mexicans. What the hell. Scapegoating minorities has worked well throughout history.

A Big Fat Slob said...

Especially iffin they are brown.

pope george ringo said...

Santorum is using it in his campaign; Casey left himself open wide by supporting a bill that he didn't even vote on. This issue may very well be the secret weapon Ricky has been looking for to keep him in the Senate. Hate sells.