Monday, June 26, 2006

Cut and run

Why say it yourself when someone says what you think. From The All Spin Zone:

Republicans Attack General Casey

Several Senate leaders appeared on the Sunday talking head shows yesterday denouncing General George W. Casey, who had revealed a plan to draw down troops from Iraq by two thirds by late 2007. Similar to Democratic Senate proposals which were attacked by Administration and Republican Senators, Casey's plan was immediately labeled "cut and run" and he was denounced as a traitor. Anonymous Administration sources are saying Karl Rove is promoting a constitutional Amendment protecting marriage from anyone named Casey. Focus on the Family is claiming that General Casey is promoting the gay lifestyle, just like the NEA, though they haven't bothered to find proof in either case. Peter King has called for hearings accusing Casey of treason. I think Crooks and Liars has it, but I might be wrong, that Rush Limbaugh was calling General Casey a "feminazi crack whore," just days after interviewing Casey and telling him how lucky it was for Casey's career was that the Iraq War came along when it did.

The week after the Senate debates an Iraq withdraw the Commanding General of the operation unviels a plan to do just that. This is not a war anymore it's an occupation. It's time to find a way out of this mess.

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