Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Memories of 1972

I have been posting from every computer that is near me. To hell with politics. I have been running my tail off all day. This storm is like what we went through when Hurricane Agnes wiped out our valley. I was only 12 but I remember that it rained for a week and then it got hot. Today it is hot. Everybody is watching the river today but most of the time we ignore it. It is supposed to crest at a level below the dikes but we will see. Even if the level is below the dikes it still does much damage and the small streams wiped out a lot of houses. So we got everyone to higher ground and I have a house full of relatives and friends who didn't want to go to a shelter. A few wouldn't leave. A friend of mine in Brookside said he will sit on his porch with a cooler and a shotgun to protect his property. I hope either he changes his mind or this isn't as bad as advertised. My own choice is to get out. You can replace possessions but not lives. I will be back to politics shortly.


PA_Lady said...

Gort: Keeping you and yours in my thoughts!

I'm the evacuation center for family in the evac zones of Sayre and Athens. (If the water gets anywhere near my house, we're going to need an ark. :) ) My sister and her two kids were evac'd this morning at 8am, though Beth was allowed to go back for one hour around noon to get some of her possessions.

Right now, Sayre and Athens are completely isolated, since we're caught between two flooding rivers, the Susquehanna and the Chemung. Nearly every road out has water over it. I heard from a few people that one of the levees in Athens Boro has breached, but so far haven't heard it from anyone official.

Listening to the scanner just now, they're predicting the crest at 33 ft in Sayre - so much worse for those downstream.

Take care and be safe! --Jenn

PA_Lady said...

Oops! Sorry for the repeat comment! I thought it hadn't gone through on the other post, (because I'd accidently closed the window) so I re-wrote it here. Feel free to delete one or t'other.

Bernie O'Hare said...

Hope we hear from you soon.