Sunday, June 11, 2006

Ricky and NASCAR

My friends at Santorum Blog are excited that a few NASCAR drivers have endorsed our visitor from Virginia. In fact the Santorum campaign has a web page up about it. John Micek calls it rednecks for Rick. It’s a natural fit as they are both dependent on corporate sponsorship. NASCAR now has a Scientology car. Anything for a buck

I previously wrote about Nascar Stickers for Political leaders. Take it a step further.

What if the senators talked like the drivers? It might go something like this.

The chair recognizes the Accuweather-Wal-Mart-K Street-PETA junior Senator from Pennsylvania.

Thank you Mr. Halliburton-Exxon-Mobile-Smith & Wesson President.

I want to call attention to remarks by the Sierra Club-Friends of the Earth-Ethanol Industry former Vice-President .Blah, blah, blah………….I now yield the remainder of my time to the AFL-CIO-NEA-Jack Daniels senior Senator from Massachusetts …….and so on.

On a side note I noticed that Alex moved me into left field and I always thought I was more suited to shallow center. I have resisted adding links to my blogroll that deal with one campaign. But it’s time to change that policy. Alex and the true believers are the best source of news about the PA Senate race. Of course they put their spin on the news of the day as do I.

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NASCAR For The Nazgul