Saturday, June 24, 2006

Casey at the blog

Wilkes-Barre Times-Leader columnist Casey Jones usually has something amusing to say about the events of the day. On Wednesday it was bloggers:

Wednesday I pretended that I was a blogger, one of those guys who writes opinion columns for the Internet in their pajamas.
I got up early. Read the papers. Sat down at my computer with a cup of coffee and a Klondike Bar and started typing.
This is good work, if you can find it. Bloggers get to set the world straight without leaving the house. Here's my first try.

It was a pretty good post as we call it in our world. Actually I don't see much difference between what he does and what bloggers do. Just like him bloggers check out the news of the day, maybe talk to a few people then throw their two cents in. But unlike him most of us don't get paid for it.


Anonymous said...

except they go to journalism school and have more than 2 readers.

Gort said...

Well now I have 3 readers. Thanks for stopping by.

tara said...

Um, "journalism school"? Do you mean majored in journalism in college? Or mass communications major? Phew, get a clue, anonymous. And believe me, Gort has many more than just 2 readers.

If I had to choose between Casey Jones and walking on hot coals, the coals would have it!

I wonder why people post anonymously...