Monday, June 26, 2006

The Times-Leader is saved!

The new guy that bought the TL is a local. Instead of some faceless company we have some local people owning the paper. Wilkes-Barre will continue to be a 2 newspaper town. Thank you. The new guy has a background in the local news industry.

The Times Leader has a new owner.

For the first time since 1978, the newspaper will be a privately owned, independent company in the hands of Wilkes-Barre area owners.

The paper has been sold to former Times Leader Publisher Richard L. Connor and a group of local investors, according to sources close to the transaction.

After all the shit that the Times-leader has been through over the last 28 years it's good to see it land in the lap of some local people. The long and short of it is we still have 2 local papers.

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tljim289 said...

Doesn't matter, they are still pulling the same crap KR did, actually worse than, treating carriers like shit and wasting money.