Friday, June 02, 2006

Marc Holtzman

Does anyone remember Marc Holtzman? He ran for Congress in 1986 and got clobbered by Paul Kanjorski. He moved to Colorado and is running for Governor. But things are not going well for him.

Holtzman fails to make governor ballot

Holtzman fell 743 signatures short of the number required to gain a spot on the August primary ballot, according to Colorado Secretary of State Gigi Dennis.
Locked in a bitter fight with Congressman Bob Beauprez for the Republican nomination, Holtzman failed two weeks ago to win enough support at the state party assembly to secure a spot on the ballot. Holtzman's backup plan was to gather 10,500 signatures from Republican voters to guarantee him a place on the ballot....

Many political experts were shocked by what they saw as the incompetence of Holtzman's signature-gathering operation.
"Good grief, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to read the law and figure out how many signatures you need," said John Straayer, a professor of political science at Colorado State University.
Straayer said that Holtzman had neglected the fundamentals of building a campaign organization and gotten too caught up in his own image-making.
"This whole enterprise has been way too much Marc Holtzman and not a solid campaign organizational base," he said.


A Big Fat Slob said...

Good pick-up. "Incompetence" is thrown around alot in the article in describing the Holtzman campaign. But they may have also used "hubris".

So, why did the young Holtzman skip town anyway?

Gort said...

I was living in Boston in 1986 and didn't follow the events closley. If I remember right his family business-Jewelcor-went belly up. I know that the Jewelcor building in Wilkes-Barre is now owned by the US Government. I find that interesting.