Friday, June 09, 2006

Newspaper wars

When you read the Wilkes-Barre papers today about the reassement controversy you see why we need 2 papers. The Citizens Voice thinks it OK that the Luzerne County Commissioners
Delayed the decision by talking on the phone to each other. They talked to many people in the courthouse who were hired by the dynamic duo and they think it’s fine.

Go over to the Times-Leader and they are ready to bust a blood vessel over it. Their story is quoting officials from other counties who say it’s a clear violation of the Sunshine Act and filed a lawsuit ..

As my favorite Slob pointed out, they both have an agenda. GOOD! One paper defends the status quo and the other calls for reform

The TL is still in Limbo.

Bernie is having some fun with the Northampton County Council over the Sunshine Act.

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