Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hugo part deux

OK maybe it's part 57 as far as this guys court appearances go. People forget he spent time in prison for bank robbery and has been charged and convicted of a host of other charges from DUI to passing bad checks. But his second murder trial is on the way. I was watching the news tonight and someone said he should get a medal because he was killing drug dealers. Hello, he's an admitted drug dealer. And because people make stupid choices in their lives doesn't mean they deserve to die a horrible death.

So now the Hugo circus is headed back to the center ring and the pressure is on DA Dave Lupus to get a conviction this time.

KINGSTON TOWNSHIP -Luzerne County District Attorney David Lupas and his prosecution team convinced Magisterial District Judge James Tupper there was enough evidence for Hugo Selenski and Paul Weakley, his alleged accomplice, to stand trial for the murders of Kerkowski and Fassett. Tupper made the ruling despite no eyewitnesses to the murders or anyone placing Selenski or Weakley at Kerkowski's Hunlock Township home May 3, 2002, the day prosecutors allege the crimes were committed.

Hugo's former girlfriend has turned on him and some of the prosecution witnesses lack credibility:

Rodney Samson, another acquaintance of Selenski, said Selenski offered him $20,000 to help kill Kerkowski. But under cross examination by John Pike, Selenski's lead defense attorney, Samson admitted to taking 20 hits of crack and drinking between eight to 10 beers the night of the alleged statement.

The carnival atmosphere was evident during the hearing:

Members of accused murderer Hugo Selenski's family have made T-shirts comparing Selenski's second double-murder trial to a rematch in a boxing rivalry.
The words on the shirts (Lupas vs. Hugo Round #2) places Selenski in one corner and Luzerne County District Attorney David Lupas in the other.

And Hugo just can't shut up:

Lupas was presenting a crime-scene photo of Kerkowski's body to Selenski and his defense team when the first altercation occurred. "You're making a mockery of this court," Selenski said to Lupas as he handed over one photo. "No, you are," Lupas shouted back at Selenski. "This is a court of law," Lupas said. "This is a serious matter." About an hour later, the pair clashed again as Lupas handed over another piece of evidence. "No, you can't say anything to me," Lupas shouted at Selenski. "I didn't say a damn thing to you," Selenski fired back. "Leave me alone." "Why don't you sit there and keep your mouth shut," Lupas responded. "Keep smiling. Keep smiling."


D.B. Echo said...

And still the girls think he's dreamy. Oh, he's a bad boy, a little naughty, a little nasty, but that's what makes him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO hot, right? That, and those gorgeous baby blues of his.

Are preople pre-wired to make bad decisions?

Tara said...

I'd love to know why this is the first time anyone has heard about Strom finding a tie in the car. Seems like that would be a big piece of evidence for the prosecution....

Any why is the DA so whiney about Hugo's this, Hugo's that? He says it's all about the victims and their families but he just can't shut up. I think Hugo's family is dead-on with their T-shirts, Lupas definitely has a personal agenda against Hugo. Or else he's just trying to get a conviction in a very public case to help his career. Which scenario is scarier, I can't tell....

Hell, if I was sitting in prison for almost three years before these trials, I wouldn't be able to shut up, either. But the hilarious part is how Lupas couldn't shut up either. Those two were fighting like little boys, with good ol' Dave playing the role of the bully. How comical. What a guy to represent us.

SO, let's see. "New" information, such credible (sarcastic) testimony from the likes of guys like Samson, what a case! Definitely sounds like a replay of the first trial! We should do a poll to see how long everyone thinks it'll take to get this case to trial.

pope george ringo said...

Lupas was completely irresponsible with his behavior; this is the kind of situation that proves what a difference a good lawyer makes. If Selenski was in the room with Demetrius Fannick His Holiness believes that Fannick would have objected profusely to the Magistrate claiming that his client was being badgered by the prosecution. If reports are correct, the entire shouting match began following Lupas' screening a slide show of the corpses of the victims. The victims families were understandably upset. Selenski then made the remark to Lupas, "Are you happy now?" This ignited the fireworks. Hugo's comments can be interpreted as showing concern for the victims families or just being arrogant, I guess you would have to be there to know, as vocal tone is everything. There is no question that Lupas is rolling the dice on this one, if Hugo is found guilty Lupas can go to be fitted for a judges robe, nowever, if Hugo is free Lupas may want to consider a new career. Bless You.

Anonymous said...

While it was not reported in the papers, the District Justice did tell D A Lupas to "Stop provoking the defendant".

Tara (Who else?) ;-) said...

Hey, anonymous. Thanks for that little tidbit. Don't know how you knew that, but glad to know there's some sanity on the "side of the law" (DA and judge, I mean).

Let's face it, Hugo will be free. Whether you like it or not, round 2 will be a "sad remake", but this time Lupas will be shown to be the clown he is. About time!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I don't know where you got the info that Judge Tupper told Lupas to stop provoking the defendant. That comment certainly didn't come out of the judge's mouth. He warned Hugo numerous times to remain quiet. Hugo was yelling at everyone. Guess he was getting nervous as the truth was coming out!

Anonymous said...

The answer to the followig " I don't know where you got the info that Judge Tupper told Lupas to stop provoking the defendant", was received by me as I was sitting within ten feet of the District Justice.