Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lou Barletta, media star

I expect him to make some appearances with Rick Santorum soon.

TL: Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta has been booked solid with national media interviews since he unveiled a local plan that cracks down on illegal immigrants and designates English as the city's official language.
He estimates he's done nearly 100 interviews with print, television and radio outlets all over the country and has received more than 7,000 e-mails.

He now has a website: Small Town Defenders

It doesn't tell you much about the controversy he invented but you are encouraged to sign his petition. As with most web petitions I suspect it's just a way of getting email addresses so they can can hit you up for a contribution later. Call me cynical. Maybe he is looking at another run at Paul Kanjorski. He lost to Kanjo in 2002 by about 22,000 votes. Not bad for a first time challenger and Paul will not be there forever.

Now everybody wants in on the act. The fathers and mothers of that progressive community of W-B Twp have proposed an illegal immigrant ordinance because they don't want "those people" to move from Hazleton to their corner of the world. Remember these are the same people that gave the Arena grief and it turned out it was the best thing that ever happened to the place. At least the Township solicitor has some common sense:

The municipality would have to prove the illegality of the resident, not the resident himself. With the easy availability of false documentation, shown several times through the years on various news programs, proving the illegality of a resident is not easy, Bruce Phillips noted, especially with the federal law taking the assumption that any foreigner in the country is here legally.
Individuals cannot challenge a foreigner to show proof of legal residency, he said, nor can a Social Security card be challenged unless it comes up demonstrably false.

Complete enforcement of these local ordinances may end up a federal issue, Phillips agreed.

That's right, it's up to the federal government to enforce the immigration laws, and they won't do it.


mean old man said...

I'm angrier than Rush Limbaugh at an airport screening line that the outrageous Commie hippy flower power worshipping Gort continues to smear the reputation of a fine upstanding citizen like the Honorable Mayor Barletta!! The other day Thelma Jean and I were driving the DeSoto through Hazleton and I was jiggling the radio to find some good Lawrence Welk music when all of a sudden I hear Spanish jibberish!! I thought we took a wrong turn to Tijuana--but here we were in the great coal country!! In my day the immigrants knew their place, they didn't have Dago radio stations or Polock newspapers--they were in a strange land where they had to learn the language or drown--and they loved it!!! And I'm sick and tired of all these Mexicano commie restaurants that have popped up--Chi Chi's Chilis, Taco Bell, what's next; Tamali wagons on the side of the Cross Valley!!! As for Thelma Jean and me--we prefer our food one hundred percent AMerican--we'll Take a Pizza or a dish of Spaghetti over a Commie taco any day!!! Liberal Swine!!!!!!!

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

with Illegal immigration as his rallying call Mayor Lou can ride the McCain train to reelection in 2008, I predict the GoP will have some loses in 2006 but not lose controll and take over more in 2008 riding McCain's Coattails

mean old boy said...

I thought pizza and spaghetti were Italian.

I think Hot Dog is "American", and if you want to go even more regional, it's a new york city TM.

lol said...

"I predict the GoP will have some loses in 2006 but not lose controll"

nice call there, bill. lol.

Anonymous said...

what a racist son of a bitch!