Sunday, June 04, 2006

Kanjorski had a meeting

WILKES-BARRE - President Bush is "sitting in a bubble," has made serious mistakes in Iraq while ignoring problems in the United States and has driven a record-setting national debt, said U.S. Rep. Paul Kanjorski on Saturday.

Kanjorski said the money the country is spending in Iraq is "foolishness"

I love this: Kanjorski said he spoke with Bush during a recent airplane flight and Bush acknowledged he was "in trouble" as far as popularity.
He says Bush asked him, "What can I do to change the perception of Congress and Americans?"
Kanjorski said he suggested the president "play cards and socialize with members of Congress" to generate conversation and obtain different views.

Would Bush even know how to play crazy eights or hearts?

His pet project, the inflatable dam, got another knock.


doctor chip said...

what is this strange place... ?
... am I... am I dead?



Bill Fitzpatrick said...

this is why RepublicANS WIN ELECTIONS A struggling PRESIDENT ASK a deomcratic congressmen for ideas and he says play cards

mean old man said...

I'm madder than a one legged waitress working at an Irish Pub on St. Paddy's Day that our Sainted PResident Bush would even consider talking to that old windbag Paul Commiejorski!! And what does Mr. Bolshevik advise our President to do??? Play cards among a group of CHe GUevara, Chairman Mao, Brokeback Mountain fans??!!?? Thankfully, we have a President who has some sense (not like the former President Mrs. CLinton and her husband Bill--we all know who ran that show--want 8 more years of that?).
Anyhow, I can't see that our great and majestic Leader MR. Bush would even so much as let Commiejorski ride in the cargo section of Air Force One, let alone in the Executive Area--I bet the Commie hippy who runs this Red site made it all up! THat's all Liberals are good for anyway, LIES!!! I hate you ALL!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Kanjorski is always seeking new ways to employ his do nothing nephews. The latest is a "job" for little Peter Kanjorski running a PAC called "Citizens for Action". It collects money form all of the industries that Uncle regulates as the ranking member of the Banking Committee, pays little Peter $4,000 per month and pays for his family vacations at such important actions sites as the Great Wolf indoor water park, whitewater rafting and at fancy hotels. It also pays the Congressman rent and provides little Peter a fancy computer in the Congressman's old law offices, rented for the PAC to improve his online computer game skills. From little Peter's posts he is getting better and better at the online "action"

Pete's Online Friends.