Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Coming to a TV near you

The Rick Santorum campaign has decided to spend the millions and billions they have collected from every special interest that wants a favor on Capitol Hill on TV ads starting Friday. I'm sure the first ones will tell you what a great guy he is. Remember he cut taxes (blew up the budget), is strong on national security (never ending war) and wants to give you more choices (screw you out of your Social Security). The ads on the second day will tell you what a bum Bob Casey is. Remember he has run statewide a few times (Ricky has been in Washington since 1990), has missed some time from work (Congress has been in session the least amount of days since 1948) and won't take a position (while he has been solving the pressing problems of gay marriage, inventing an immigration "crises" and punishing flag burners).

It's going to be a long negative summer from Ricky. His poll numbers are heading south as the latest Q poll and others show. So his only choice is to try to make Casey the issue and go negative early. It may work. I hope not. He would be an ideal Senator for Utah or Alabama but not Pennsylvania.

Tip of the the hoagie to A Big Fat Slob and my friends at Santorum Blog for pointing out the poll numbers and the ad campaign.

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Glen said...

Santorum is toast. All the negative campaigning in the world isn't going to keep him from getting crushed in November. I don't know how a right wing lunatic like Santorum ever got elected in a state like Pennsylvania in the first place.