Friday, June 16, 2006

Good riddance Joe Mazur

There is new Luzerne County Democratic chairman. I hope he is less divisive than the last one.

WILKES-BARREThere’s a new face leading the Luzerne County Democratic party.
West Pittston attorney Mark W. Bufalino was narrowly elected party chairman Thursday night, culminating a week that saw at least four changes among district party chairs. The 36-year-old topped Kingston resident and current Fifth District chairman Tom Benesky, 47, in a 135-120 vote at the Ramada Inn on Public Square.

And the CV (Commissioners Voice) is calling this an injection of new blood just like Skrep and Vondy who backed Bufalino. So the Commissioners got their boy elected to lead the party after putting off reassessment so it won't be an issue next year when they run for reelection. Hopefully no one will notice that they can't balance a budget or pay attention to all the money they have borrowed.

Yeah, this is a new era in Luzerne County politics. What's the old saying; The more things change the more they stay the same.

Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on Mark and hopefully he will bring some life back into an organiztion that seems to be sitting on it's hands. I'm as guilty as anyone who gets caught up in local squabbles. But things have to change. It seems to be me that the best thing the County Democratic Party has going for it is that the Luzerne County Republican party is inept.

A case in point. The latest election demographic is the super voter(thanks Austin). Forget soccer moms and NASCAR dads. They are people like me who never miss an election. The kind of voter that is critical, especially in a primary. My Democratic Committeeman lives about 10 doors away. I know his name but I have never talked to him or seen him at the polls. I was urged by my neighbors to run for that position but for a number a reasons I couldn't do it at this time. The thing the party has to do is to get rid of dead weight like this. We need people who are willing to get out into the neighborhood. I will be out talking to my neighbors this fall about what is at stake and urging them to vote. We need some committee people who are willing to do the same.


A Big Fat Slob said...

Welcome to the new boss, same as the old boss.

Gort said...

tip of the hoagie Slob. We won't get fooled again.