Monday, June 19, 2006

Russ Diamond

I don't know what to make of this guy. I get at least an email or two a day from his campaign. Most of them are begging me to get petitions signed. He is even offering a bribe to the person who gets the most.

RUSSDIAMOND.ORG, the campaign committee for Independent gubernatorial candidate Russ Diamond, is offering Club Seat tickets to two Philadelphia Eagles home games to the winners of its Most Valuable Playe signature contest.....Any registered voter who submits fifty or more valid signatures to the campaign is automatically entered in the drawing and can score additional entries for each subsequent submission of 50 signatures. Circulators submitting 250 signatures will receive five regular entries, one bonus entry and a call from the candidate.

He needs 67000+ plus signatures to get on the ballot and I think that is outrageous, he is up against a ridiculous barrier just like my old friend Carl Romanelli who is running for Senator as the Green Party nominee. But that is another post.

Russ founded the the Clean Sweep movement which had the idea of defeating every incumbent in the legislature who voted for the pay raise. Nice idea but impractical. They got some press but in the end an endorsement has to be backed up by money and foot soldiers that can help a campaign. Clean Sweep couldn't deliver either. When the people involved in the Clean Sweep effort found out that the founder was just using them to further his political ambitions they rebelled. There are some lawsuits that are ongoing that I won't even get in to. The latest polling I've seen has him at 2%. The chances are he won't even make the ballot.

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Jennifer said...

I haven't heard about this guy for a couple months. Last I remember, there was some dispute as to whether he was actually still part of the PA Clean Sweep leadership. Seems some members of the organization thought they kicked him out, but Diamond disagreed. I'm guessing that now, he's out?