Saturday, June 17, 2006

Our immigrant from Virginia

I got a couple of emails today that informed me that Gort42 and Wilkes-Barre Online were mentioned on WILK today. I was listening to baseball so I missed it. Wow. The subject was the Hazleton English only ordinance. I think it's nonsense but Mark favors it. We disagree as we often do. It's obvious that Mayor Barletta was put up to this by the Santorum campaign.

So the latest in the Senate race is Sanatorium is beating up on Blah Bob for saying he would vote for the bill sponsored by Bill Frist and the White House. You know that they are Republicans. So Ricky got Mayor Lou Barletta to do his dirty work and propose an inflammatory law that makes second class citizens of Hazleton's spanish speaking people. Judging by the reaction to this you can expect other towns in PA to propose similar laws. As Pope George Ringo pointed out HATE SELLS. First they tried to make gay people an object of fear but that didn't fly. So now they want to make Mexicans the scapegoats of our troubles. History is full of examples of blaming an unpopular minority for the problems of the day usually with disastrous results. As Santorum tries to close the gap on Casey (down 9 in the strategic Vision poll and 23 behind in Rasmussen) he is going to try to make Casey the issue. I got news for you Ricky, challengers don't win elections incumbents lose them. So far in Santorums media buys I haven't heard why I should vote for him only that the other guy is a bum. As The Big Fat Slob pointed out:


Anonymous said...

Love the suit. Did the Queer Eye guys dress him?

pope george ringo said...

Santorum and the Right Wing have certainly found their "wedge" issue for the '06 campaign with the Immigration issue. Republicans have a history of using race in their campaigns--Willie Horton comes to mind. Whether of not this policy will succeed in '06 is debateable--however, if they do go this route His Holiness believes that the GOP will suffer the loss of the Hispanic vote they had courted so well in the 80's and 90's. In a nutshell, short term gain for the GOP, but in the end a long term gain for the Democrats.

mean old man said...

I'm angrier than a vegetarian at a Bob Casey Pig Roast that the Commie who runs this site continues to rip apart the reputation of our great sainted Sen. Santorum!! Let me get this straight, our great Sen. is trying to keep our country safe from insurgents from Mexico and all the hippy commies are up in arms!! I say---GREAT!! This only shows to be the truth what I been saying all along; you liberal sissies want to flood our hospitals, our workplaces, and everything else with these cousins of Cuban Commies!! In my day if you wanted to come to live here in good ol AMerica you went through Ellis Island where the Doc would examine you, the cop would make sure you were unarmed and the registrar would give you a name--and if you were sick they shipped your sorry butt right back to from where you came from--and you loved it!!! Now that the Commies are all over our government all we get is bolshevik logic--that we should greet the Mexicans with open arms--well, let me tell you freaks something--Lady Liberty stands tall over NY harbor and she has about had enough of the illegally tired weak and poor--SO all you Latino Commies take heed--Miss LIberty will not greet you with open arms but she "will" drop kick you back to from where you came--and you'll love it!!! God Bless Sen. Santorum and a post script blessing to Mayor Barletta--two fine upstanding Americans that this red blooded patriot would have a beer with any day of the week. Drop Dead Liberals!!!!

Fred Flamer said...

I think he looks adorable.

Carl said...

You got a radio mention??


By the way, what color dog is "pink"? Poodle? French?