Sunday, June 04, 2006

More trouble under the Mohegan Sun

CV: Clouding the future of slot machine gaming in Plains Township even more, operators of the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs have cancelled an upcoming series of job fairs to introduce local residents to the 400 to 500 new jobs they plan to create.

If you read the article they are objecting to paying the host town (Plains Twp) 1 or 2 percent of revenue. I live in Plains Twp. and we are counting on that money to solve all of our problems. It's going to pave our streets, lower our property taxes and maybe build a pool to replace the one Wilkes-Barre just closed. Not to mention curing male pattern baldness and erectile disfuncion.

What a crock of shit this whole project has become. It's more complicated than the Medicare Prescription Drug plan.

The latest is the vendor fee.

PLAINS TWP- The regulations require any vendor that does more than $2,500 in business with a slots operator in a 12-month period to register with the board. Businesses that do $2,500 to $200,000 in business must pay $2,000, and those that do more than $200,000 in business must pay $4,000.
Woytowich said he provided catering services to Mohegan Sun last year for meetings held on and off site. The racetrack has spent about $1,400 as of August 2005, he said.

So if a small restaurant wants to keep doing business with the track they have to pay a licensing fee? This is FUBAR.

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