Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good news from the war

WNEP: After 18 months away, six months of training and a year in Iraq, some soldiers with the 109th Infantry from Scranton and attachments are expected to come home Thursday. It's the start of the return of more than 800 Pennsylvania National Guardsmen.
About 80 soldiers are expected to arrive just before 6 p.m. but that's only the beginning. Over the next four days, all 800 soldiers from the 109th Infantry and attachments from Scranton will return home. Military officials said it will be the largest return of troops to northeastern Pennsylvania since the Korean War.
The soldiers returning Thursday evening will be home for good. A first sergeant said, "Northeastern Pennsylvania has done its part on the war on terror and the war in Iraq. I'm glad our men and women are coming home."

So am I. Time to bring them all home.


Doctor Rick said...

Best part of when soldiers come home isn't just honoring them but also listening to the high faluten liberals claiming it is because of their persuasion.

Gort said...

I honor their service. I know not of the high faluten liberals of which you speak.