Saturday, June 03, 2006

They closed the pool

This one hits home in Wilkes-Barre

First the Heights lost the fire station now they lost their swimming pool.


Mayor Tom Leighton announced late Friday afternoon that the Coal Street Pool will not open for the 2006 season. The pool’s structure and pump system need significant repairs, he said.

I remember when the Coal Street Pool opened when I was still in school. When it was built they closed the Hollenback pool and filled it in. When I was a kid I spent my summers either playing pick-up baseball at Guthrie Field which is now locked-up or swimming at Hollenback. I remember riding my bike over to Coal Street after our pool was closed until my Mom said no.

All the attention is on the big projects downtown. Take care of the little things. Kids need a pool!

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Doctor Rick said...

Should have waited for the hottest day in the summer..."I beleive" ....coming soon!