Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Casey Blog

My friends at Keystone Politics have a honcho that is going to update Bob Casey Blog on a regular basis. So in the interest of fairness I will add it to my blogroll. Guys, you have some catching up to do. Alex and the true believers at Santorum Blog have been at it for months and are the go to site for news on the Senate race. Good or bad for their guy they post it. I like that.

LVDem even gave me some credit for this turn of events. " A while ago a disgruntled Gort 42 shot me an email saying that he was unhappy about the lack of activity at Well have no fear good KP readers. The problem has been solved. "

Sorry for sounding rude my friend. Sometimes when you write something that you speak out loud it doesn't come across right.

The latest in the race is Casey still has a big lead in the polls and both campaigns have TV ads up. Ricky has an unfocused ad that wanders from coal mines to his his grandparents and ends up about sinister illegal immigrants. Casey's attacks tax cuts for millionaires and companies that outsource jobs. Here is good review from my favorite Slob:

Well, Bob Casey has unveiled what he's calling his first TV ad -- he wants a balanced budget, thinks giving tax cuts to multimillionaire is bad, thinks "giving corporations tax breaks for sending jobs overseas" doesn't make sense, and wants to lower interest rates. Unlike Santorum's first ad (pretentiously named, "Candles") Casey doesn't attack his opponent. It's a typical (yawn) Casey ad -- he talks, doesn't say a whole lot, but stays on substantive issues without taking Rick's bait. It has very nice production values.


A Big Fat Slob said...

AlexC, the editor of the Santorum Blog, has pointed out that the Santorum TV Ad that I referred and linked to is probably a web-only ad.

That looks to be the case (I've never seen the ad on TV, since I only watch TV in sports bars to see the Yankees games). If so, then Rick did what I said he should have done -- ended the TV spot when he finished speaking. The swipe at Casey was apparently limited to his website version. (Although, I received the link from a Santorum Campaign e-mail touting the new TV ad.)

Well, okay, I understand "red meat" for the rabid base. I still don't like it, and objected to the same kind of thing in a recent campaign that I in which I was involved, but it isn't as egregious as doing it in your TV and radio spots.

Gort said...

Yankee games! I used to like you.

We both know that this is going to go into the gutter soon.