Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Joe Leonardi for Congress

Do you want an inflatable dam in the Susquehanna River? This guy doesn't. He just got a website up, check out:


It's still under construction but here is his statement on the homepage:


I am Dr. Joseph Leonardi, and I want to be your Congressmen in the 11th Congressional District in Pennsylvania.

My Pledge To You

To have a Full Time Office in each County

Limit myself to 3 Terms

NO NEPOTISM - If you are related to me, No Government Job or Contract

I am Running to Represent YOU!

I must have your help to bring a NEW voice, representing REAL people, to the U.S. House of Representatives! Thanks for visiting, and thank you for your support!


Doctor Rick said...

Is this guy your cousin? Stop wasting your time on this guy.

Jim said...

Again, who you know, not what you know. What does being "your cousin" have to do with it. If his positions on the issues are valid, give him a chance. Or are you just one of those status quo guys?

Gort said...


I'm not related. Joe is against nepotism.

He is the Republican nominee for Congressman in the the 11th District. Of course I'm going to listen to what he says.

And like you I'm a political junkie. There should never be an unopposed election. Joe has the balls to take on a long time incumbent, I admire that.

Bill Fitzpatrick said...

Joe needs to find a tape of Kanjo in bed with sherwood, or just hammer kanjo on the pay raise issue