Friday, June 23, 2006

Kanjo gets lucky

On a Christmas visit last year to his daughter’s New Mexico home, U.S. Rep. Paul E. Kanjorski popped by the Cities of Gold casino in Pojoaque north of Santa Fe, hit a hot streak and won $19,500 playing blackjack.

I’m usually not a good gambler,” Kanjorski said. “This was a real run … I got so far ahead, it got real ridiculous. It was exhaustion that took me out of the game.”The Nanticoke Democrat said he’s played blackjack for fun for 40 years and plays at casinos where he travels a couple of times a year. He jokes that it’s “his only major vice that I’m going to discuss at this time” and said it’s a good way to get to know the area he’s visiting.

“I’m not a winner, I’m a loser,” he said. Ironically, he’s not a big believer in having casinos everywhere.“Because I don’t see it as creating wealth. It only transfers wealth from winners to losers, losers to winners,” he said. And some times to a congressman.

I agree with him about casinos. I'm not looking forward to the one coming in Plains. It's going to create more problems than it will solve. He is against casinos but goes into one when he has the opprotunity. Hmm.

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Anonymous said...

one would wonder how someone can make 10 dollars go to 20,000. I would love to see the tape of him playing or was this nothing more than a campaign contribution held under wraps?