Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dan Meuser update

It looks like Meuser is making the rounds of the conservative interest groups and kissed Grover Norquist's ring by signing his Taxpayer Protection Pledge. Norquist is best known for this quote, "My goal is to cut government in half in twenty-five years," he says, "to get it down to the size where we can drown it in the bathtub." He's also a good friend of Jack Abramoff, even helping him with his work for some Indian tribes' that landed him in jail.

Meuser's company, Pride Mobility Products Corp., has run into another legal problem.

EXETER A woman formerly employed at Pride Mobility Products Corp. has filed a wage discrimination lawsuit against the company, alleging she was paid less than male counterparts who performed the same job.

She also is alleging sexual harassment and retaliation for complaining about it. Earlier Pride settled a lawsuit over the death of an elderly man using their wheelchair, in which plaintiffs alleged that a defective battery caused a fire.

The timing of this lawsuit is interesting and Pride said they'll fight it court. Want to bet they settle out of court with a confidentiality clause included in the agreement.

And we all know about some of his campaign contributions that prompted this "Thank You" from the Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman.

Dear Mr. Meuser,

On behalf of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, I wanted to thank you for your kind, past contributions to strong Democrats such as Congressman Paul Kanjorski, Senator Hillary Clinton, Congressman Charlie Rangel and many others. Your contributions have helped Democrats to take back the House and Senate in 2006 and potentially take the White House in 2008.

Thanks to your contributions, the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives has been able to increase the minimum wage, ensure that our men and women in uniform have the resources they need in Iraq and continue to put pressure on President Bush to change his failed policies in Iraq.

We thank you for your past support and hope that you continue assisting us.

T.J. Rooney

EDITOR'S NOTE: in the 2004 and 2006 elections, Dan Meuser and Pride Mobility made the following contributions to Democratic Candidates in the House and Senate. (Click here for contribution record)


Anonymous said...

Those donations only tell half the story. After all, those were purely for the business. It's important to stay in good standing with people in Washington, especially those who make the votes that affect your company.

Actually, it's who you donate to personally that really matters to the public when you are a candidate. and he has personally donated to...

Meuser, Daniel Mr.
Exeter , PA 18643
Pride Mobility Products/President RANGEL, CHARLES B (D)
House (NY 15)
primary 02/24/07

oops, well, his wife also donated to...

Meuser, Shelley V
Shavertown , PA 18708
Homemaker/Homemaker RANGEL, CHARLES B (D)
House (NY 15)
primary 02/24/07


Oh well!

PS Here's one of Rangles latest earmarks...a $2 million earmark to buy a building for Charlie Rangel to have a “well-furnished office,” a “Rangel Library,” and personnel to organize his “photographs and memorabilia;”

Anonymous said...

Meuser is not a Republican.

Chris Hackett is the only conservative who will have a chance to beat Carney.

Anonymous said...

Hackett is no Repulican supporter. He made one donation to a Republican- $1K to Lisa Baker. The only other donation was to Democrat Greg Skrepnak a County Commissioner who awarded Hackett's company a big fat county contract. Hackett has money and only donated $1K. Come on... Meuser donated $130K to Republicans- including Santorum. This should answer the question of who is the true Republican.

Anonymous said...

Amazing...one guy,Meuser, donated heavily to republicans, worked hard to ensure that republicans got elected, is a republican in every way that counts,is respected by republican leaders, and yet he gets criticized for donating small amounts of money to a few democrats.

We need to move on, there's nothing new here, 90% plus of all donations by Mueser have gone to republicans,and republican causes, he is a true conservative, and he is electable.

Let's not "eat our young", we need to get into areas that matter, the issues facing the 10th congressional district, who can best address them,and most importantly who is the best candidate to face Carney in November '08, and re-claim our seat.

I belive that man is Dan Meuser, time will tell.

Anonymous said...

After doing some more research-- according to the records Hackett gave Skrepnak $5K. This came 2 weeks after the county-- and King Deomocrat Skrepnak gave Hackett's company a big fat contract for temp employee services. This guy is not a Republican-- but based on the money given, he is a HUGE DEMOCRAT. Are we sure that he is not running for the democratic party?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

All you people who criticize this guy mueser for giving so little to dems must just be up in arms about HACKETT. let's see $1,000 to Republicans and $5,000 to Dems. thats 5 to 1 (not a math wizard) dems to republicans. This guy hackett is a joke.

Barry O'Connell said...

The only candidates in this race with clean hands are Congressman and Lt. Commander Chris Carney and the Reverend Mr. Ely. No kickbacks, no sexual harassment suits, no secret support for Abortion the one thing that is clear is that Carney only sleeps with his wife and the Reverend Mr. Ely sleeps alone (separate bedrooms). I don’t think I like where Meuser and the Hack have been sleeping in fact Meuser doesn’t even have a bedroom in the district.

Anonymous said...

I used to clean for the Meusers & she's a B..ch!!!!! He's very nice, thoughtful & considerate...The kids are sweet as well.....I'll probably vote for him although this whole blog thing about him being a "Closet Dem." is confusing to me......I always thought that he was a Republican.

Anonymous said...

It was only a matter of time before the dirt digging would start. It's sad that this what is this campaign is coming to. Mr. Meuser has worked hard to build a company that employees 1200 people in this Valley. How many real companies are around here that are actually hiring? I believe Dan Meuser will be a great Congressman and make every effort to grow this area. I wish the Hackett team would focus on real issues and stop trying to creat more of them. It's sad that his team continues to try and find issues that really really aren't issues. I was a Hackett supporter right up until then. I probably would not have voted for Dan Meuser until I recognized his ethics in this political race. A politician who not only doesn't sling mud, but ignores it when people are trying to sling mud at him, is probably going to be a true leader and representative of his district...but that's just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I was just re-reading some of these blogs. How come the newspapers aren't talking about Hackett's donations to the County and his contracts with the county?