Friday, January 23, 2009

Luzerne County Controller

So far we have 2 Democrats say they will run for the post.

Dallas School Board member Russ Bigus said “We need some competency in the courthouse. I think I might be able to bring some order"...“I would like to build up the public trust and get a real grasp of the financial crisis in the county.” Though he stressed that there’s a need for “teambuilding within the dome.” Last year Bigus lost the race for 117th District State Rep to Karen Boback and in 2006 he came in 4th in the 20th Senate District Republican primary.

The other declared candidate is former Pittston Area School Board member and Yatesville councilman Anthony Rostock. He pledges to be a full time Controller and takes a few shots at previous Controller and present Luzerne County Commissioner Maryanne Petrilla "There are certain things that have happened when the previous controller was there, things that should have been seen,” Rostock said, referring to Petrilla. “Even shortcomings in the county budget – that should have been seen years in advance.” Rostock said he’s not criticizing employees in the controller’s office.“I blame the people running the show,” he said.

Pittston litigation specialist Wil Toole has had cards printed up put has not formally declared his candidacy. He made sure that the public was informed about Rostock's $30,000 no-bid contract to provide landscape consulting services at Luzerne County Community College.

Bob Morgan, a financial adviser from Mountain Top said it’s “very likely” that he will run.

On the Republican side Attorney Nanda Palissery has been mentioned. He ran for Judge a few years ago and I voted for him. If we can have a President with a weird name we can put up with a Controller with one.

Two names are not mentioned in the press have been kicked around on this site and I have asked them for a comment.

Wilkes-Barre resident and unsuccessful city council candidate Walter Griffith does a great job of keeping an eye on things. Some people consider him to be a pain in the ass. My opinion is that the Controller should be a person who is willing to ask the tough questions like Steve Flood did.

Bob Sypniewski was the chairman of James May's 117th State Rep primary campaign is a local mortgage broker. Some of the back mountain big money people may be willing to back him.

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