Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Endeavour lands

One more shuttle mission to go.



Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

If there is any good news to come from this post, students, it is that the shuttle program is coming to an end.
Thirty years and billions upon billions of dollars thrown down the drain in order that we may fly a glorified airplane around the outer atmosphere of our planet....and we wonder why we are bankrupt!
Class, do not misunderstand me, I have no problem with space travel per say; I just want it to be left to the private sector.
I recall all of the cash that was thrown away in the 1960's in order to land a man on the moon {cash that would have been better spent securing a victory in Vietnam} and what did we win in return??? A few rocks.
The frontier of space is, however useful as a tool for national defense and Ronald Reagan's Star Wars program was an innovative and dynamic proposal.
Students, billions upon billions of dollars spent on silly Buck Rogers games. Money that, if left in the hands of the taxpayers would have stimulated the economy.
Had we not delved into the foolish pipedreams of the sixties {space travel, medicare, urban renewal} oh what a paradise we could have made of this nation!!
Something to think about this morning.....
Class dismissed!!!!!

Unknown said...

Here’s a quick refresher on the new technologies or enhancements to existing technologies made possible by the space program (and the technologies touch many, many areas of our everyday lives):

…semiconductor cubing, structural analysis, air quality monitors, enriched baby food, water purification systems, scratch-resistant lenses, portable coolers/warmers, dustbusters, shock-absorbing helmets, home security systems, smoke detectors, flat panel televisions, high-density batteries, trash compactors, food packaging and freeze-dried technology, cool sportswear, sports bras, hair styling appliances, fogless ski goggles, self-adjusting sunglasses, composite golf clubs and better golf balls, hang gliders, art preservation, quartz crystal timing equipment, microspheresm, advances in solar energy, improved weather forecasting, advances in forest management, sensors for environmental controls, advanced wind monitors, telemetry systems, advances in hydroponics, fire resistant materials, radiation insulation, whale identification methods, environmental analysis, noise abatement, pollution measuring devices, pollution control devices, smokestack monitor, radioactive leak detector, earthquake prediction system, sewage treatment, energy saving air conditioning, and air purification, digital imaging breast biopsy systems, breast cancer detection, laser angioplasty, ultrasound skin damage assessment, human tissue stimulator, cool suit (custom-made suit derived from space suits circulates coolant through tubes to lower patient's body/ temperature, producing dramatic improvement of symptoms of multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other conditions), programmable pacemakers, ocular screening, automated urinalysis, medical gas analyzer, voice-controlled wheelchair, arteriosclerosis detection, ultrasound scanners, automatic insulin pump, portable x-ray device, invisible braces, dental arch wire, palate surgery technology, clean room apparel, implantable heart aid, MRI, bone analyzer, and cataract surgery tools, magnetic liquids, welding sensor system, microlasers, magnetic bearing system, engine lubricant, interactive computer training, high-pressure waterstripping, advanced welding torches, gasoline vapor recovery, self-locking fasteners, machine tool software, laser wire stripper, lubricant coating process, wireless communications, engine coatings, and engine design, radiation hazard detector, emergency response robots, personal alarm system, emergency rescue cutters, lighter-weight fireman's air tanks, personal storm warning system, self-righting life raft, storm warning services (Doppler radar), firefighters' radios, lead poison detection, fire detector, flame detector, corrosion protection coating, protective clothing, robotic hands, studless winter tires, better brakes, tollbooth purification (decreases the toll collector's inhalation of exhaust fumes), weight saving technology, improved aircraft engines, advanced lubricants, energy storage system, new wing design for corporate jets, aids to school bus design…

…and a reminder that in the 15th and 16th centuries, Portugal was an empire built on global exploration. They handed that role off to others. If we do the same, we will diminish our role in the world. We will become dependent on the technological advances of others. We will take another step toward history’s dustbin.

PoorRichard said...

Did I read right? Milburn offered Medicare as something good? Check my pulse. Vietnam victory? Money back in the taxpayers hands? Somebdoy inform the professor that the moeny was borrowwed, not removed from the taxpayer's pocket and we still owe the moeney. This guy must teach at the Humpty Dumpty College in Hughestown.

Professor Milburn Cleaver, OPA said...

RE: Poor Richard:
I did not refer, young man, to Medicare as something good. Like most youngsters raised on I pads you tend to read without comprehending.
I actually stated that Medicare was, along with space travel and urban renewal a "pipe dream" that sucked our treasury.
For the record, I do not teach at the Humpty Dumpty College, although I once gave a guest lecture there! See, students, even an old fogie like me can display a bit of levity.
I do not take your insults to heart, young man; they only serve to amuse me.
ONe final point: does anyone with even the slightest degree of sanity truly believe that if the government had kept its hands out of everything but the kitchen sink that those hurting would be basking in a flourishing economy.
Students, the liberal era is over; I need not argue about that.
I know you all protest the cuts in your grant money proposed by Gov. Corbett, but actually he is doing you a favor. I know that not a single one of my C students would even bother to go to a institute of higher learning if he/she had to work and pay for it.
I applaud Gov. Corbett for his stern attitude toward the slacker generation.
Class, the day of the free lunch is coming to an end. I'd like to say I'll miss some of you next semester, but that would be untrue. Perhaps I can wave to you when I drive past the Burger King.
Class Dismissed!!!!!

Mean Old Man said...

Although I don't care for the Professor (I have no use for egghead/poindexter types---he'll impress me when he can fix a septic tank!) I usually agree with him--especially on going into space.
To Hell with global warming!!! All of this trouble with weather started once we sent rockets up into space. IN my day the weather was predictable, you didn't need fancy schmancie computer systems to tell you whether or not to wear your rubbers. We got our weather the old fashioned way---we looked up to the sky!!!!
All these egghead weather types--like the eggheads at NASA--don't know what they're talking about anyways!!!
Hell, what's so great about the space shuttle anyway/? Far as I know, you can't even use it when it's raining or snowing out. I have a 51 Desoto that runs like a top in any kind of weather---how about that NASA bookworms??!!!
To hell with this dumb subject. The reason I came back to this Moscow/Peking joint sponsored site is to let you all know that our Sainted Senator Rick Santorum is running for the Presidency. HELLELUJAH!!!!!!!
ALthough I like Mr.'s Pawlenty, Gingrich (now there was a House Speaker!) and Ms. Palin, Sen. Santorum outshines them all as far as brains, vision and an ability to clean up the mess that the radical Obama caused these past three years. He will return us to the glory of the GW Bush years, when ol' glory was respected and not villified; when an occupant in the WHite House didn't depend on pollsters to make decisions but on the Savior, Jesus Christ.
God Bless our Sainted Senator Santorum, and Good Luck Rick!!!!
As for the rest of you brown shirt heathens,
I hate you all!!!!

Anonymous said...

Gort ......... you're starting to concern me. No posting in over a week. Give it some time, people don't know your back. You seriously can't expect to have the same activity happen quickly when your audiance is so far widespread. Continue what you do and your audiance will return. Send an "I'm Back" email to all the other blogs and it will won't be long till you have the numbers you once had. Don't give up.

Signed ..... Loyal Reader