Friday, January 04, 2013

Controller threatened online

Some genius using the handle "WBYup" has been leaving inflammatory comments on the Times-Leader and Citizens Voice websites over the last few weeks and Luzerne County Controller Walter Griffith has had enough.  The jerk is just probably blowing smoke and thinks he/she is being funny in a sick way but the threats have been referred to DA Stefanie Salavantis by Griffith and Brian Shiner.

TL: One comment that appeared on The Citizens’ Voice website read: “I wish you and Walter were dead!” on Dec. 28th. The comment has been deleted. WBYup also said Shiner was a “DOG” and promised to “tear into” several county council members “like you cannot imagine” if they run for re-election this year. 

This is not an isolated incident. On the 12/19 CV story about Jim Brozena retiring WBYup had these enlightened insights.

WBYup   GIBBONS ... another incompetent! JOE, you'll be the first FIRED when LAWTON gets back on his white horse and rides into the sunset!....Driven away by the corruption and the incompetence that followed! Namely LAWTON and the Council of Cowards
arwalt  The area hates honest people.
WBYup  That's why GRIFFITH goes after all of them!
WB Yup also elevates the discussion on the TL website with these comments on the 1/3/12 story about County Councilors possibly seeking reelection.

...If we even have elections ths year! The cowgirl from Noxen might not have it together for a few more years!
....And, if only two are elected that will vote to fire Lawton 
... Well, that will put the vote count at 6-5 and we'll be delivered from the carpetbagger!
....his comment must bother you, must be all the folks liking it? Well, get this - people HATE Lawton, and plenty of folks here don't like outsiders! Hire a good manager from here not some washed up government-to-government paycheck grabber like Lawton!
And in a true spurt of eloquence we get this on the 1/3/12 CV story about budget maneuvers

WBYup   ....Don't worry, I'm running against Walter.
 ....Nope, never ran for office before, but its time! You have to be voted out, screwball. Get to work and stop using county computers to blog, greaser
... Walter is a FLITHY DOG and I need to let folks now it!
 .... It's gonna be a dirty campaign ... One that really gets at Walter's personal life too.
.... I will beat him like a DOG!
....F U
... Yeah GREASE MONKEY go back to the garbage, you MUPPET!
... EWWW GRIFFITH DOESN'T BATH! I just ran into him and he stinks like bad BO!!!
... He was talking to that COW from NOXEN at Penn!
 .... Griffith's got a face that only a .... Naw, his mother doesn't even love it! What a dog!
... Lawton will wind up in jail like Skrepenak. I can't wait to visit him in prison! I'll gladly take him a bar of soap. They will like his big mushy backside there!
... F U ... See you at the polls with a baseball bat pal!
Wow. If I ever let comments like these to stand on my blog I would get a well deserved browbeating from my regular readers. I say that WB Yup is a "genius" because both papers use the DISQUS system that requires commenter's to sign in with an email address so it's not that hard to figure out what computer they came from. It's just a matter of time before we learn who posted them.


Aggie95 said...

Yea we might find out who it is if they make an arrest....I'm not sure it rises to that level and I don't know if they should pierce that veil or allow it to happen by design or accident if charges are not filed

Anonymous said...

Scooby-Doo and DA Stefanie Salavantis is on the case!

Anonymous said...

WBYup is positively ridiculous. I can't understand how the Disqus system approved his comments.