Friday, January 11, 2013

Renee Ciaruffoli-Taffera for Luzerne County Council

Larksville resident Renee Ciaruffoli-Taffera is the first candidate to announce a bid for Luzerne County Council. CV: She was an active member of the "Friends of Home Rule" campaign committee and aggressively campaigned for the successful adoption of the charter. Since then, she has attended and participated in more than 160 meetings and forum events.

 She has been a regular at council meetings raising concerns about the prison K-9 unit and advised that the county should ignore the Affordable Care Act until it's fully implemented in 2014.

On her website she lists 45 cost savings ideas.

Some highlights:

3.     Consider abolishing flood authority, bring in-house reduced redundant operations

6.     Re-negotiate Collective Bargaining Agreements like we mean it.

8.     Consider outsourcing functions through attrition  

17.   Eliminate Passport Office, it's a Federal mandated function, not County (not a profit center)

19.   Lease moon lake pool to a for-profit organization (get a piece of the action)

 24.   Scrutinize KOZ’s

 29.   Have employees pay a greater share of health benefits.

 37.   Eliminate monthly fee for Kronos system and get rid of it all together. 

 44.   Stop monetizing delinquent tax claims

She is running for a Democratic nomination.

A toilet on a candidate's website might be a first. 

5 seats on the Luzerne County Council are spot are up for reelection next year. Democrats Elaine Madden Curry and Linda McClosky Houck and Republicans Harry Haas and Eugene Kelleher along with Independent Rick Williams were the bottom 5 of 11 elected in 2009 so their seats are up this time. The other 6 seats will be decided in 2015.


Pope George Ringo said...

How charming; another Tea Partier....just what we need.

Anonymous said...

High taxes are killing us. The list of action items appears to be spot on. My guess is if the County worked just on the list thie candidate provided on her web site, we would not need to raise taxes for a few years or lay people off.

Anonymous said...

Hope to get a pic of her legs so I can decide if I will vote for her.

Aggie95 said...

I agree Tea Party people suck ....why would anyone elect some whack job fiscal conservative to a county council seat in a county with a population of 320,000 in a county where we spend 20 % of our budget ust for debt service ....hell we only owe 435 million or so ...we can't be broke we still got checks fer Christ sake

Anonymous said...

She runs with Mike Giamber's crowd. NOT what we need.

Stephen Albert said...

She kind of looks like Amy Winehouse...sans Crack & "body art".

Anonymous said...

She's got Michele Bachmann eyes.

Anonymous said...

She got it goin on. Who cares about her politics; it is time to get a hottie in office.

Anonymous said...

GORT 42 WHERE ARE YOU????????????

Aggie95 said...

I heard he got drunk on some cheap mescal .... ate the worm even and wound up on roller blades and naked on public square where a crazy police chase insued ....... they finally bagged him trying to buy a bus ticket to Roswell using old green stamp books and cereal box tops .... * SHRUG * ... it happens sometimes .... but yea I been wondering to

Anonymous said...

I would vote for anyone but Harry Haas - two faced political hack!