Saturday, February 16, 2013

Alex Milanes for Luzerne County Council

Alex is the son of Cuban immigrants that landed in New Jersey via Spain and said he wants to be the Hispanic face of the local GOP much as Marco Rubio is trying to be the Savior of the national Republicans according to Time. The difference is that Alex is rational person who understands the need for compromise to make government function. He tossed out a few ideas at our meeting tonight to raise revenue such as a tax amnesty for delinquent property owners and expressed reluctance to slash county jobs sacrificing customer service. Milanes doesn't support the recent move to cut out the local tax collectors saying it needs more study. His reluctance to tow the party line got him kicked out of the local Young Republican outfit. He has been a regular at Blogfest.

Alex with a friend at the last Blogfest



Michelle HD said...

What a great story! Even though I don't necessarily agree with all of Alex's opinions, he's very personable and friendly. Very glad I got to meet him at BlogFest. Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

I am pretty sure the only GOP group in the area that doesn't toe the party line is the Young Republicans. They are the only party-related group that places principles over party. Perhaps this is why they are quick to distance themselves from the County GOP.

CaptainObvious said...

Cuba is a country off the coast of Florida.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who truly knows the foundation of the Luzerne County Young Republicans, would know that this group believes in conservatism over conformity. This group has worked hard to promote conservative values, not simply the agenda of the GOP Party. For an individual to unanimously be voted out of the group, surely the reason was not because he or she "did not toe the party line".