Thursday, February 28, 2013


The solution to gun violence is simple but not attainable. The only firearms that should be allowed are shotguns and bolt action rifles. No one needs an assault rifle with a 30 round magazine or a handgun.  


Stephen Albert said...

Gort, there is no way for the populace to overthrow the Zionist Occupational Government without significantly more firepower than what you are advocating. Come on man! If it were not for the populace having lots of guns, Obama would have ALREADY turned the U.S. into a communist state, you know, like Sweden. And we all know how miserable those Swedes are under all that government oppression.

Anonymous said...

That's right so all those street gangs, thugs and assorted criminals won't buy them because they will be ilegal. Typical liberal blather, blame the instrument, not the person wielding it.
If a surgeon commits malpractice should we outlaw scalpels?
You are a typical liberal, and probably a governement employee on top of it. Your only purpose is life is blowing out CO2

Anonymous said...

Not even cops?

Anonymous said...

Chicago has some of the toughtest gun laws in the country, have you seen the murder rate there lately. A 72 year old man on his way to dialysis was just gunned down.
It isn't the gun, it is the low class, simpletons that are using them.