Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kathi Cozzone for Lt. Governor

Present Lt. Gov of PA Mike Stack is in all sorts of hot water lately. From billing the taxpayers for hotels in Philadelphia, catering bills and mistreating state troopers and other state employees. He owns a house in Philly.

Aryanna Berringer has already announced a challenge and Bradford Mayor John Fetterman is thinking about it.

This dropped into my inbox a few days ago. Someone on her staff must remember my glory days of blogging.

Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone Announces bid for Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania
Cozzone brings government experience, business acumen and a record of bi-partisan accomplishments to a potential Wolf/Cozzone Ticket

“Like Governor Wolf, my background before running for public office is in the business world.  I have spent 10 years learning how real-world principles can be applied to government to improve the lives of our citizens.  I have also learned that governing is a unique skill requiring experience and practice.  That is why I believe my balance of private and public sector experience will make me an asset to Governor Wolf’s administration.

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