Monday, October 23, 2017

Meuser at the Grotto

Tens of people came out to hear former PA Revenue Secretary and unsuccessful 2008 PA 10th CD Republican candidate give his pitch for electing him to the 11th CD seat being vacated by Lou Barletta.

Luzerne County GOP Chair Ron Ferrance did the intro saying we need someone in Congress that will support the President. Other notables in attendance were State Rep. Karen Boback, Bear Creek Village Mayor Walter Mitchell, the next DJ in the back mountain Brian Tupper, Old Forge School Director Frank Scavo and Luzerne County candidate Marc Dixon.

Meuser tied himself firmly to Trump and Barletta.

Meuser said he was a conservative problem solver who wants to get behind the President's Make America Great Again (MAGA)  agenda. Tax reform, repeal Obamacare, strong military, border security, term limits and drain the swamp (DTS) , etc. He said he was urged by Barletta to run for Congress if Lou ran for Senate. The way he explained it was almost like a Quid pro quo. 

I was surprised by how much he discussed the nuts and bolts of the campaign. Everything from yard signs to money. Meuser said he was outworking the other candidates and claimed the support of 8 GOP county chairs. He said he will need $750,000 to win the primary.

He took some shots at Democrats saying the Republicans are the party of the red, white and blue who's favorite holiday is the 4th of July while the Dems celebrate April 15th. Senator Casey has gone extreme left and brought up Nancy Pelosi. 

At the end someone asked him about combating the lies that politicians tell. Meuser said he would give them a pass the first time but would lose his support if they did it again. Then he went on about draining the swamp and MAGA.

Maybe he should read this fake news article:

Trump's Lies

 Updated July 21: The president is still lying, so we've added to this list, and provided links to the facts in each case.



Anonymous said...

Meuser didn't say he'd need $750K to win the primary, he said he'd be sure to have that sort of money, if needed for the primary. If by "tens of people" you mean the 45 who came to the event between the hours of 1-3pm, some able to stay for the speech, others who popped in and out to speak to the candidate, one on one. Gort42 was not present for the full time of 1-3PM to know this. Meuser also said if a candidate misspeaks unintentionally, he'd maybe give them a pass the first time, but not if they do it a second, then there's someone who's a definitely liar and would lose support. There was absolutely no implication of a quid pro quo. Meuser was very clear that Barletta encouraged him to run, which is accurate, and that he is supporting Lou Barletta, also accurate. Finally, you always characterize Meuser as an unsuccessful past candidate, as if this is somehow a bad thing. Often people learn a great deal from prior races. There's a very long, distinguished list of candidates who lost races before they won races. Barletta lost twice before he won. Of course, Hillary Clinton seems to be moving in the opposite direction. She used to win, now she is on a losing streak.

Anonymous said...

I watched Meusers announcement video where he referred to the tax payers as "customers". Meuser is completely lost if he thinks the tax payers are "Customers", we are the "Boss" not "Customers", Politicians work for us. What kind of Blowjob writes his stuff?

scavman said...

Hey Anonymous 2, why you Anonymous and use the word b******... That is totally uncalled for, but then again when you hide, it doesn't matter which side you're on. Dan is a businessman and hence the word customer means boss. Perhaps you don't know that because you either feed at the public trough, but rather than go on and curse your Darkness I'll just leave it here. Dan has my support, and I'm a pretty good judge of character fiscal responsibility and generally great Americans

Anonymous said...

Scavman, words have does NOT mean Boss, but then again, if you take time to put down the kool-aide cup and pick up a dictionary you would see what words mean. Furthermore, in his video, he praises Barletta for doing such a great job in Washington DC, then says, how bad of shape Washington DC is in. Speaking out of both sides of his mouth, typical "Businessman". Cant wait untill Dan tries to sell me some "Snake oil". Blowjob...