Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Good ole boys/girls

Luzerne County Prothonotary Jill Moran filed an IRS tax lien notice under another name – John Doe – for her law partner Robert Powell. A $279,322 Internal Revenue Service lien. She said she thought it was an error on the part of the IRS.

She said she did not give her law partner special treatment and would treat others the same. Yeah, right. LV Dem's Beware of the Good Ole Boys tells us how it works.

This guy is involved in just about everything, the Hazleton airport, the sweethart deal of the juvi prison in Pittston and other projects that the taxpayers financed.

Another reason why this job should not be an elected position. Chris reminded me of it.


Anonymous said...

I'm really getting annoyed by all these judgments. But what really pisses me off is all those dead bodies named after me. How would you like that?

Anonymous said...

This is just a simple case of cronism, not a salacious, sex scandal so no one will care. The electorate seems unconcerned when elected folks take care of their friends and family...

Anonymous said...

Gort excellent point, According to the PA Constitional revision of 68 any county that adopts home rule can get rid of every eelcted postion, have some sort of legislative/executive branch with a council and an executive or the current hybrid one.
The only postion required is that the DA is elected cpounty wide, i think Luzeren county shoul;d drop everything except Comish, DA and controller, I like the fact the controller is elected in non comish years so they can really be a pain in the ass if the peopoe hate the current comissoners after electing them two years ago.
Prothonoatary is abscaily the clerk(bob reilly) for civil court. it is a politicla hack job, so we may as well let the elected commissoners pick someone instead of the person most loyla to teh parties in power.
Also County Treasure WTF, waste of time, the US governemnt does not have an elected treasure and in PA all the treasure does is stamp checks and sell lost and found studff, becuase the auditor general does the watch dogging(like the controller)