Saturday, March 10, 2007

Luzerne County Commissioners race-Republicans

From the inbox: Don't look for the Republicans to help each other very much in the County seat because its rumored a certain commissioner doesn't want to be in power because it's easier to yell about things so look for another Republican to be pushed for that seat, problem is he is well-liked by Democrat voters.-A Source

That seems to sum up the rap I've heard on the only Republican Luzerne County Commissioner Steve Urban. He's running for another term but has a bunch of competition which is probably good news for him.

Bill James will make the race which is good because we would be dissapointed if he didn't. Dave Shipula is learning computer skills courtesy of the Hanover Area taxpayers and defends the rights of beer distributors. He is the President of the Malt Beverage Distributors Association and reminds us that "Alcohol is not like other consumer goods. If not properly controlled, alcohol can be dangerous!" Crestwood School Board member Bill Jones may not have all the answers but he asks the right questions. He is the only candidate that has the aversion to debt that I have.

Christine Katsock's entry into the race has thrown the whole thing up into the air. The conventional wisdom is that she will eat into Urban's vote and may sink them both.

I hope I'm wrong but the way I see it shaking out is that Skrep and Petrilla win the Dems nod and Urban and one the others are the GOP's nominees and the after the general election the commissioners are Skrep, Petrilla and Urban.


Anonymous said...

Way to go out on a limb Gort. This one's a no brainer. The Democrats are set. Only an untimely death can stop that ticket. As for Urban, I believe he is the best Rep out there. Not to hard to make that prediction.

Anonymous said...

wonder if there is any chance Katsock is going to enter the 21st century and get a web site up. can't believe there was a candidate out there for state rep that didn't have an internet precense.

Anonymous said...

I am actually not a fan of Urban at all, and I think that Shipula is a very strong candidate. Instead of having a Republican (Urban) just voting against the Dems agenda, I think Shipula is a Republican that can be integrated into the Dem agenda. Compromise between the parties is the way to make effective change within the county!