Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Damn the Dam on Earth Day

Kayak Dude has a call for action:

If you've been following the inflatable dam project, you know that the PA DEP and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are now reviewing the "complete" application for permits to build the dam on the Susquehanna near Wilkes-Barre. I've been told by the DEP, as recently as yesterday, that it may be several months before a decision is made. And to date, no required public hearing has been scheduled to discuss the twice-revised plans for fish passage and "Operational Flexibility."

This Sunday - Earth Day - I will be making a very simple yet very visible statement opposing this project. Beginning at ~sunrise, I will be on the apex of the Market Street Bridge, downstream side, with high-quality signage big enough to be read from the Luzerne County Courthouse. I've notified all traditional media outlets, bloggers, and the hundreds of contacts I've made through the years we've been opposing this project. Over a month ago, I also notified the Wilkes-Barre Police Department of my plans.

At the 5/1/06 public hearing, someone sitting next to me - who also testified against the dam - said we needed to become more visible & organized against this project. What better day than Earth Day to do just that? If you'd like to help, here's my list:

I'll have my kayak. Drop off yours for the day so we have more than my red tandem lining the sidewalk. I plan on wrapping up at ~3 p.m.
Hang around for an hour or so, bring a chair. If you've purchased a "No Dam" T-shirt, please wear it.
Forward this e-mail to anyone that you know is opposed to this project. Feel free to post it on your blog.
The Susquehanna River in the Wyoming Valley needs to flow freely, now and in future generations. Regardless of the "powerful" people supporting this project, I believe it can be stopped.

Hope to see you - and many others - on Earth Day.

Don Williams

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Anonymous said...

I just read a great post on the river. Seems that common sense would dictate that this dam never happens.

Here is the post