Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Veterans Day Message by Mean Old Man


Once again, the sacred observance of Veteran’s Day is upon us and I’m mad as hell that most of the puny little juvie thugs will have a day off from school!!!

In my day Veterans Day meant one thing, you counted the days until you were going to be sporting a military uniform yourself. When I was in high school we got the day off too, but we didn’t spend it sleeping until noon and then hanging out dealing drugs at the mini mart. We all banded together to watch the parade (and it was on the actual day back then!). Afterwards, we’d sneak a bottle of Stegmaier Gold Medal from my buddy Creep's old man's fridge (the old guy was such a drunk that he could never keep track of how many bottles he had in the trusty Philco) and then ponder the day that we turned 18 so that we could go down to the recruitment office and be on our way to fight the Nazis and the Japs!!!

Not so with the kids today; when they're not dealing drugs or pan handling, they usually can be seen in every godforsaken place that they should not be, except at the Veterans Day Parade. Damn!!!

What with the commie purge of our esteemed Judge, the Honorable Mark Ciavarella, juvenile delinquency is on the rise again in our area. I guess from now on when a snot nosed punk steals some poor schmucks car, he'll get a pat on the wrist and a counseling session from some dime store psychiatrist all courtesy of my tax dollars. Thanks a lot, lefties!!! And don't give me any of that balderdash about them not having a lawyer in Judge Ciavarella's courtroom. THEY'RE KIDS, AND IF IT'S ONE THING THAT WE SEEM TO HAVE FORGOTTEN AS ADULTS IS THE FACT THAT KIDS DON'T HAVE ANY RIGHTS LIKE ADULTS DO!!! They should pin a medal on Judge Ciavarella for all of the tax dollars he saved the county by not getting bogged down in juvenile cases what with lawyer double talk and continuances and on and on. God Bless You Sir, you were not only a quick and efficient jurist in your judgments, but also one helluva nice guy who had the best interests of the kids in your heart. I remember once when I was a kid and Pops caught me stealing some of his Red Horse chewing tobacco. First off, he grabbed me by the neck and swung me backwards into a chair; he then proceeded to stuff the entire bag of it straight into my mouth and down my throat. I swear I nearly choked to death. It was as if I was drowning above water, gasping and trying to breathe through my nose. My eyes teared up from the stress of not being able to breathe and I could feel the sweat coming down from my forehead. It was horrifying and degrading; and I loved it!!! Because I was taught a lesson and from that day on whenever I chewed tobacco, it was tobacco that I bought with money from my own pocket. Judge Ciavarella reminds me a lot of good ol' Pops; two first class guys. Young kids today don't need coddling and sobby bloggers and talk radio hosts standing up for them; they need a kick in the teeth to straighten out!!! And since we lost a great judge maybe there is another solution to our juvenile delinquent problem.

I call on President Obama to reinstate the military draft!! Our kids have been spoiled for too long and the President can really assert himself as Commander in Chief by doing this. Let every little runt who spends his high school days listening to rock and roll and tripping on drugs (when not mugging helpless old folks) have an early Christmas present--on good ol' Vets Day---a one way ticket to manhood and responsibility!!! I also call on the President to immediately discharge every single woman who is serving in our military. War is for men, cooking is for Women!!! If we can't turn the tide back on this craziness, I fear for my country!!!

SO, all you young juvie thugs, have a nice Veterans Day. I'm sure I'll be running into you at the mini mart this morning when I stop to pick up my Luckys. Maybe someday when I see you, you'll be sporting a crew cut instead of dreadlocks, and a snappy, pressed uniform, courtesy of Uncle Sam. If that happens, maybe I'll even salute you. Until then, go to Hell!!!


Stephen Albert said...

"you counted the days until you were going to be sporting a military uniform yourself."

Unless you had a boil (Rush) on your ass (Limbaugh).

PoorRichard said...

During the Controller's debate, I made the point that in my day, there was no question as to IF you would serve but rather WHEN you would serve. It was believed that every male over the age of 18 had a military obligation and we took that obligation very serious. My 4 years of active duty began prior to the official Vietnam War but before my separation from active duty, it was a serious war. My friends were no different than I, we did what we thought was our duty and I've wondered if today's youth have a clue as to "duty" or "obligation". But then I grab hold of myself and recognize that times have changed but pride of country still exists. It is shown every day as we read about last year's youth who are today's warriors. They continue to do what needs to be done and they do it regardless of national policy agreement. They simply react to our leaders call and allow others to sit in judgement and debate of right or wrong.

Anonymous said...

Well put Mr Toole. Once again you demonstrate the logic we need under the Dome.

Anonymous said...

Wil - please don't tell me you plan to be a regular long-winded commenter until the next election. You are truly ruining my blog-visiting experience. Seriously. Please - go away.

Big Dan said...

So, your father waterboarded you with Red Horse chewing tobacco?

Joe Valeti said...

To Anonymous 2:04 - As much as I disagree with Mr. Toole, allow me to quote Abraham Lincoln (I think) "You may not always agree with what I have to say and I may not always agree with what you have to say, but I will defend you to the end to say it." And, Mr. Toole has earned that right!!
Joe V

Gort said...

Thanks Wil and Joe,

All are welcome.

That's why this blog is a place to argue politics.

I think Lincoln was quoting Voltaire:

"I do not agree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it."

I may just add that to my banner.

PoorRichard said...

Sorry Anon 2:04, I didn't know it was your blog. But to answer your question, Absolutely! If I have something to say and Gort is willing to allow my post, you will just have to stretch your imagination and skills to learn how to scroll past my thought of the day. Some people go throguh life having no effect on anyone but now I can smile knowing I have an effect on you. Thanks. :)