Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Will Toole's statement

My election was pretty much what I expected with no surprises. Approx. 10,000 straight party votes and that is something that just can't be overcome. No physical organization + No money = no advertising = a good ass kicking.

I am satisfied with the way things turned out because I had an agenda and I accomplished everything I set out to do ....... except actually win but that was never a reality, just a hope so there is no complaint on my part.

My Independent campaign was exactly that, independent. No organization and very little physical help but that's the road I chose. I do appreciate the people who helped me gather almost 1600 signatures to get on the ballot.

With all that has gone wrong in Luzerne County over the past 8 - 10 years and all of the problems that face us including national disgrace, 35% of the people thought it important enough to vote -- Sad at best but absolutely disgraceful. Voters or I should say non voters cause us all to suffer with the way things are. I just don't understand how 130,000 registered voters out of a total of 191,000 voters stayed home. The most important Row office in this election was the Controller's election, the auditor of the county, the watchdog of the taxpayers and 10,000 voters thought it less important to vote for Controller than the other Row Office elections. The Register of Wills garnered 10,000 more votes than the office of Controller. Apparently, people are more concerned with who will handle their death records than their tax dollars. Things won't change because of general population apathy so the tail will continue to wag the dog and taxpayers will continue to stand around looking puzzled.

I would venture to say that everyone was looking for change and in many ways we did get change. Now all that remains will be the future and what the change will actually bring.

It is a healthy hope that each and every successful candidate will attack their new responsibilities with a fervor that will make a difference. I personally congratulate Walter Griffith and Bob Morgan on the effort they put forth and the interest they have shown in county government.Thanks to all for the good wishes and please celebrate along with me in the accomplishment of my personal agenda. If this is my last night on earth, I will leave truly happy ...... honestly.

Again, thanks ........ Wil


Anonymous said...

Wil - SHUT UP ALREADY! Here's Wil: "I... I... I..." Seriously nobody cares Wil. Go away now. You couldn't even stop talking about yourself long enough to congratulate the victor for anything more than his effort. No, "Hey Walter, congrats on your victory, if there is anything you need..." It was always about Wil for Wil, and I am so glad that sh*t is officially done with tonight!

Gort said...

Look at the last paragraph 120:06

Anonymous said...

I agree with Mr. Toole that it is pretty sad that most folks don't want to come out to vote in the local and county races that impact them 100's of times more day-to-day than the races for President and other large state and national offices.

I don't know what Wil's talking about with his numbers, though. Generally speaking the row offices all got roughly the same number of votes cast. 58,306 for Controller, 58,485 for Prothonotary and 59,047 for Register of Wills.

The lower turnout for Controller is probably due to the fact that of the three candidates, all had some good points but some felt none had enough good points to gain their vote.

I'll tell you that my vote was cast for the least of three evils, and I only voted in that race after I rethought it at the last minute and paged back and said "F**k it, I'll give Griffith a vote, maybe he'll be fun".

I have no illusions that he's qualified to lead a staff of government auditors. But you know, a "qualified" Maryanne Petrilla did nothing in that office but encourage a culture of corruption, either through apathy or stupidity, so I find it hard to think that Walter can be worse.

This county threw (and kept) the connected, political bums out tonight, and for that I'm grateful.

Anonymous said...

Anon12:11, I think what you see in Wil's mention of votes was a simple typo. Considering the day all of the candidates must have had, I'll let that typo slip.

Hey 12:06 Give it and us a break with the nasty. Have a drink and take your own advice. Shut up already.

Anonymous said...

12:19 Very well said. I just finished reading Wil's statement on the election and I thought it was pretty good. The only thing I can tell 12:06 is that you really do seem to have a deep seated problem with Wil Toole and I don't think that any of us who read this blog are looking for personal insults. I've read everything that Wil has written as I do the other posts and like it or not 12:06, Wil has a talent for expressing himself. So please, spare us the insults. If you don't want to read what Wil or anyone else has to say, simply scroll past it. Give it a try, you can do it.

Anonymous said...

131,000 voters sat on their asses. what a shame, and they will be the first to call for heads when things go wrong. Also it scares me that someone actually voted for Griffith thinking he can't do the job. It is either people not voting or people who wasted a vote for a joke. this area is going to continue to get what it deserves. Lets see if Griffith lasts longer then Savokinas.

If nothing else happens here we actually had our first independent candidate, lets see what the future brings for Luzerne county.

Congrats to all the candidates win or loose, lots of hard work done and very open campaines.

Oh and a little song..nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, hey hey hey goodbye Olszewski...and good riddins.

Anonymous said...

Lots of people voted for Griffith thinking he can't do the job. This is a county where people vote for an ex football star because he's well known and looks like a loveable muppet, and a polka queen who rarely shows up for work. Why? Because real alternatives don't exist from a fragmented opposition party.

Anonymous said...

Toole should hang his head in shame: he is responsible for Walter's win and the doom that will follow.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see what Toole and Morgan do not that they were unsuccessful in running..Walter Griffith still stuck around and continuously fought for the taxpayers and therefore he deserved this win..knowing Walter personally I know that he is very knowledgeable and intelligent and will work hard for the taxpayers while he is in office...For those of you who are skeptical..his actions will speak louder than his words and I guarantee we will see results while he is in office..I am so grateful the taxpayers elected someone who will get the job done and remove corruption at the courthouse.

Anonymous said...

Walter was arrogant in his acceptance. He is really to dim to understand that his win was the culmination of a perfect storm and had nothing to do with his own qualifications, or lack thereof.
-low voter turnout
-Wil Toole's independent run
Are the 3 conditions that allowed him to finally get elected to something. Instead of acknowledging his good fortune he proclaimed his own moral superiority.

Walter really needs to get on his knees and thank Wil Toole, not extol his own virtues.

I give Walter 2 years before a scandal befalls him. The most high and mighty, judgmental individuals fall the hardest and the fastest in politics, Walter, because of past indiscretions, will be no different.

Being controller requires more than just standing up and spouting off. We will see if Walter can actually pull it off. I stand by what I wrote above, but I hope he proves me wrong.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:51 AM, are you on drugs? Did you watch the debate on LuLac or the TL Interviews? Walter does not have a clue and he said it clearly. He said the Controller can't do audits and he said he doesn't have to know about how finances work. The guy is as dumb as a stick and better start praying for devine guidance because if he has to play with his own deck, he is a few cards shy. By the way, what is it you would like to see organ and Toole do? Griffith got the job, he gets the pay so maybe you would like the qualified candidates do the job for him? They way you and Griffth talk, now that he is the Controller, nothing else is needed so everyone else can go away and won't be missed. Now how do we get you and your friends to go away before more dmage is done?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:25, You don't have a clue into local politics. I've been a member of the WB D Party for more years than I care to count. Morgan had no chance of getting my family vote. If Toole wasn't in the race, Griffith would have had 4 more votes but bet your ass, no way was I or other D committee people vote for Morgan. Now, if you are looking to blame somebody for Walter Griffth, talk to the idiots that voted for him when they had an alternative choice. Thanks for running Wil. You did a lot of work, spent your own money and you were the most qualified candidate. We have only ourselves for the government we have. Walter may be able to fix a flat but there is no way he can fix government. There are no shop manuals to replace expeerience. Good luck and God save us all.

Anonymous said...

OK, for all you bean counters out there who think that Morgan was a winner with Toole out of the race, here are some numbers right from the county's web site.

G rec 28160 votes

M rec 21916 votes

T rec 8197 votes of which 385 were straight Ind votes. so deduct the straight Ind votes because they were not going to G or M and T now has 7812 votes.

Griffith only needs 1569 of those votes to beat Morgan's total votes combining his total with Toole's 7812. Now anybody who thinks that Morgan did not have 1569 people in the entire county annoyed with him for some reason, especially his involvement in the Amesbury/O'Donnell race or the Eddy Day race or the two school board races he served as campaign treasurer ..... oh hell, give me a break. Morgan lost, it had nothing to do with Wil Toole being in the race and if anyone insists on blaming Toole then their head is so far up their ass then they have already been overcome by gas!

Anonymous said...

I agree, Griffith one so everyone let it go. If the Dems were so concerned maybe they could have done better then 35% showing, and obviously only a small portion of that was Dems. It is what it is, so stop the sour grapes. I really don't want to hear the crybabies now when nothing was done to motivate these people to get off the couch to vote. 130,000 people did nothing, and some didn't even vote for controler, just take a look at the difference in votes for the Wills department, more people voted for that then Controler. I have to say I have learned one thing and that is over 8000 people are sick of the party bullshit and that was with 35% voting. Down with the parties. Good Job Toole you did better then i thought you would, if nothing the message was sent. Don't give up buddy we need free thinkers while we still have so many assholes in charge down there.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?? Nothing will change.. Fuck it lets just get drunk, have sex and die....

Anonymous said...

I'm not so sure 10:46PM, things can always get worse. We now have an auto mechanic interviewing accountants to see if their qualified. WTF!

Anonymous said...

I guess Walleye Griffith can now hire his brains behind the man (Tim Grier) as his deputy. This should show all that voted for Walleye he is no different than the rest. Just another political wannabee looking for the tax payers to pay for health insurance like Red Obrien, Mike Morreale and Mike Savokinis. Give us a break Walleye and spare us the time paint your office in your true colors right from the beginning. We all are waiting with baited breath as smelly and foul as your own to see how quickly you fall into your own abyss. Maybe you can have your deputy get with Obriens and see how he gets away without showing up for a full days work and still garners a full pay check. Oh I'm sorry you are Cujo on steroids, you will never allow anything to ruffle your fur.