Sunday, January 20, 2013

YouTube Weekend

Aggie, Joe, CPC and many others have wondered why I haven't posted lately. Thank you for the encouragement and concern. I had an illness that I wouldn't post on Facebook and just got into my midwinter funk with the resulting writers block,  that and playing too many video games.

CPC told me that YouTube Weekend is his 2nd favorite feature just behind Polka Friday on WILK so here is a song from one of his favorite artist.

Don't be a drag Just be a Queen.

President Obama was sworn in for a 2nd term. \\

My bride has also pointed out that I have neglected her .


Aggie95 said...

so ya made bail

Better Life Seminars said...

hey gort hope you are doing well.. Joe

Stephen Albert said...

I just figured it was an ether binge.