Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Chris Carney tease

PoliticsPA is reporting that the DCCC had  a poll of former 10th CD Congressman Chris Carney vs. 11th CD Congressman Lou Barletta recently without any numbers. We went through this last time. Don't get your hopes up Carney fans as he  is not running for Congress or Lt. Governor which is laughable.. He spent 2 terms in Congress and cashed in becoming as a lobbyist  with a defense contractor in Virginia. Every time one of these stories pops up he can't be reached by reporters or bloggers which tells you something.
in government affairs for BAE systems
in government affairs for BAE systems


Pope George Ringo said...

In a perfect world, former members of Congress would be barred from joining lobby firms for ten years upon leaving office.

Forrest Gump said...

Amen to that proposition Pope.

Anonymous said...

Gort-for someone who prides himself in getting the story straight, you would know that Carney hasn't been a defense contractor in more than a year and he was never a lobbyist. He's been consulting for small Northeast PA businesses. I would take Carney in a heartbeat over the numbnuts we have in Congress and in Harrisburg. When Carney was Congressman, he prided himself in standing up to both parties. The vitriol in Harrisburg and Washington is out of control. No one can have meaningful dialogue to solve our nations problems. Its just talking points from their party's bosses. If I were in a foxhole and needed someone by my side, it would be Carney because he is a great negotiator and if things go bad, he is trained to kill you.

Gort, you shouldn't be so snipy because PoliticsPA scooped you.