Thursday, September 08, 2005

Chris Carney announces for Congress-Times Shamrock and local TV ignore him

Chris Carney(D) announced he is running for the 10th congressional District seat currently held by Don Sherwood(R) and most of the local media ignored him. The Times-Leader covered the event held at the courthouse green in Montrose but there was nothing in the Citizens Voice or the Scranton Times-Tribune. I sat through the endless blather of what passes for local news on WNEP and WYOU yesterday and they didn't mention him either. You think they could fit in a few minutes between the nonstop weather updates. To be fair the Scranton Times did have a nice write up on him yesterday that I can't link to today because they don't make their archives available. And I guess to show balance the TL had an article on what a great guy Sherwood is for driving a truck load of water to Louisiana.

Maybe it's just because I'm a political junkie that I think this is big news and should a least get a mention in the local media. At least Carney got some coverage as all outlets ignored Joe Leonardi when he announced he was running against Kanjorski.

Both these candidates have a mountain to climb to get their names known.

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